Chapter 1


"I don't want to move! You can't make me!" Karin screamed at her parents.
"You have no choice in this matter! You are moving with us and that is finally! Now go pack your bags!" her mother yelled back.
Karin glared at them both, then stomped into her room, jumping on her bed. She stared up at the ceiling, tears in her eyes.
"I'll never see my friends again....I'll never lay on the hill by the pond on summer nights..." Karin whispered aloud.
She heard the door creak open and when she glanced over, she saw her dad walk inside and close the door behind him.
"Karry...." he whispered.
Karry was Karins nickname from her dad. No one else could say, not even that vile women that she had to call 'mom'.
"What?" Karin whispered, not looking at him.
"Karry, I know this is hard for you...but since the break in, your mother and I don't feel save for ourselves and you."
The memory of the break in playing in Karins head. It had been a warm, summer night. Everyone in the house was asleep, until a loud bang woke them up. Karin remembered how both her and her parents ran into the living room and saw a man, dressing in black, in their doorway. He had broken the door open and was walking in. When he saw us, he ran out the door, leaving the family.
"Karry? Please talk to me..." she heard her dad say.
"...Do we really have to move?" she mumbled.
"Yes, Karry. We need habe to. It'll be good for us." he said.
Karin went silent and with a sigh, sat up beside her dad, who had comeand sat on the bed by her.
"Karry, I didn't tell you this, but we have already bought a house. We will move tomorrow. Pack your things tonight...don't argue, please." he said, getting up and leaving Karin in shocked silence.
"So soon...I don't get a chance to say goodbye..." she said, looking at the ground.
Karin sighed, knowing it was now useless to argue. She leaned under her bed and pulled out a brown suitcase. Throwing it on the bed and opening it, she stared inside the empty box, knowing it would soon be full. Karin glanced around her room, which was covered in posters and pictures. She knew she would never see the room again, never be in this house again. The thought brought tears to her eyes, but she held them back. This was not time to be a cry baby. She had to stay strong, keep her head up. Walking over to her dresser, she started to pull out clothes and throw them at the bed. Glancing at the mirror, she saw herself.
Her ginger hair went a bit past her shoulders whilst her bangs went right above her eyes. She wore black glasses and had beautiful green eyes. She had freckles across her nose and her skin was tanned from playing outside so much and her fingernails were painted different colors and she had wrote things on the palms of her hands.
Shaking her head, Karin went over to the bed, folding clothes and putting them in the suitcase. She then wondered over to a book shelf, where she pulled out her favorite books and a few yearbooks that had been signed by her many friends. Karin dared not look inside the year books yet, knowing it would break her down and make her cry. So, she quickly packed them into the suitcase. After this, she pulled a small, red book from under the bed. It held items that had been given to her by her real mother, the mother that had died a year ago in a car crash. Karin wiped her hand over the box, staring at it for awhile. Finally, she snapped out of her trance and packed the box to where no one could see it.
Karin spent the next two hours, packing things. She had to use several suitcases, but in the end, she was happy with her work. She looked around the room, sighing. It looked so empty without the posters and books.
Sighing, she crawled underneath her blanket, not bothering to turn out the lights. She fell asleep, having dreams of leaving her friends and them hating her for it.

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