Corner of the Sky (A Blaine Story)

Corner of the Sky (A Blaine Story)

The title is a song from Pippin. I think it relates well to Blaine's character because he really is this lost soul with far too many troubles (in my mind anyways) and he just wants to find his place. Listen to it if ya want.

Any comments/suggestions would be awesome since this is my first Glee story

Most of this will probably be backstory

Warning: this may contain adult content (mentions of sex, deals with homosexuality, offensive language)

Enjoy! :)

Chapter 20

The Commercial Actor

My mom arrives early Saturday morning to bring me home. She asks me the generic questions about school and I give her the generic responses before we fall back into a slightly uncomfortable silence. Everything feels on edge, and I'm worried we're about to topple over unable to even cling to one another.
"Your brother should be home by the time we get there," Mom finally says, breaking the silence about fifteen minutes into the drive.
I nod, still looking out the window. It's funny. I wanted her to talk but as soon as she does I just wish she'd go back to being silent. "Have you told him about... anything yet?" I ask her.
She nods. "Yes I called him while you were in the hospital of course. He wanted to come down but I said you'd be fine and he should just keep studying at school."
"Because that's more important," I finish for her, knowing she left those words unspoken.
"That's not what I meant by it," she shoots back. The anger in her voice makes me reevalute the way I'm acting. Could she honestly be upset about how things have become?
"Sorry," I mutter, glancing over.
Mom sighs. "It's fine. Now, we're almost home so..."
"What about Dad?" I ask her. I don't want to make her upset any more but I need to know what to expect.
"He's still your father. He loves you. No matter what."
I nod. "So he's still mad about everything," I re-phrase.
"He's having problems coming to terms with it, yes," Mom admits, pulling onto our street.
Great. This will be a wonderful visit then. "I wonder who that is," Mom says, pulling into our driveway next to a vintage sports car.
I shrug and glance at it, trying to see if it looks familiar at all. Then I see who's in the driver seat. "It's Cooper," I tell her.
"What? No he doesn't have a... oh. Well it is." Mom gets out wearing her 'you have a lot of explaining to do' face and walks over to where Cooper is getting out of the car. "Hello darling," she says as Coop pulls her in for a hug.
"Hey Mom. I missed ya. Blaine! Feelin' better little bro?" Cooper asks, elbowing me before pulling a suitcase out of his trunk.
I wait until his back is turned to rub my arm. Does he always have to be so condescending? And that hurt. "Hi Coop," I mutter as he hands me one of his bags, "how long are you staying?"
"A week or two," he answers, giving me a wink and heading towards the house.
Mom and I follow close behind. I see my dad sitting on the couch and purposefully head upstairs to Cooper's room. Given the choice I'd deal with my brother and his overly large ego than talk to Dad. Besides I still have his bag in my hand.
Cooper is sitting on his bed rearranging things on his nightstand when I walk in. He looks up and gives me a big smile. "Hey little man. Thanks for carrying that up here."
"Why are you staying so long?" I ask him, setting the bag down.
He keeps smiling. "I haven't told you yet have I?!" Cooper jumps up. "I got casted in this commercial series. So school's done."
"Done? You have a semester left Coop," I say. He must be kidding.
"Yeah so might as well just leave early right?" he asks, falling back on his bed, "This way I can focus on my career."
"Your carreer. As a commercial actor."
"Yep." He seems so sure of himself that I can't even argue. I just shake my head as Cooper hums a little jingle to himself. Probably the one he'll be singing on whatever commercial soon. "So yeah. I'll be jetting off to LA soon Squirt."
"Don't call me that," I say, heading back towards the door.
"Aw come on Squirt just..." I shut the door before Cooper can finish, completely put-out. He's so... just...
At least he seems to be accepting of the whole me being gay thing. That's not really a surprise, but it's nice to know that I have my caring (although very annoying and critical) brother on my side.

I spend most of the afternoon in my room, hiding out from awkward confrontations with my parents and Cooper's exheuberant singing. Even though I'm on the top level, his voice carries up to my room quite a bit and I have every bit of the jingle he has to sing memorized by the end of the day.
But I can't avoid my family forever. Mom appears at my door around 5 telling me dinner's almost done. Dreading having to actually interact with my dad, I take as long as possible before heading downstairs. Everyone else is already at the table, and Cooper's shoveling food into his mouth like he hasn't had a proper meal in months. Dad nods to me as I sit down, a good sign I guess.
"So Blaine, has Cooper told you about his big news?" Mom asks, trying to relieve some of the tension that's seeped into the room since I came in.
"Yeah," I answer, spooning some rice onto my plate.
Cooper rolls his eyes. "You could calm down a bit there buddy. All of this enthusiasm is killing me."
"I just don't think dropping out of school is a smart thing to do," I mumble.
Dad fixes his eyes on me. "Sometimes people do things we don't agree with."
Automatically realizing what he's hinting at I scowl down at my plate. Of course, now he decides to recognize the fact that I'm gay. When he can use it to his advantage and make me feel like I'm the bad kid here, not my older brother who's dropping out of school to pursue a career as a commercial actor.
I finish my dinner in silence before returning to my room to blare Hanson and forget about everyone else in this house. It's going to be a long weekend.

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