Corner of the Sky (A Blaine Story)

Corner of the Sky (A Blaine Story)

The title is a song from Pippin. I think it relates well to Blaine's character because he really is this lost soul with far too many troubles (in my mind anyways) and he just wants to find his place. Listen to it if ya want.

Any comments/suggestions would be awesome since this is my first Glee story

Most of this will probably be backstory

Warning: this may contain adult content (mentions of sex, deals with homosexuality, offensive language)

Enjoy! :)

Chapter 2

This Can't Be Who You Are

I wake up the next morning, my brain fuzzy and my body sore. It takes more than a few minutes for me to register what had happened. Once I do I want nothing more than to just fall asleep and never wake up. How am I going to face my parents?
I hear someone clear their throat and look up to see my dad in the doorway of my room. "Blaine, do you remember what happened last night?" he asks, his voice just dripping with disapproval and concern. He's not sure if that happened voluntarily or not, he doesn't want to be too quick to write me off as his son.
I nod slowly, sitting up and holding my head. A hangover, great. On top of everything else I get this, as if disappointing my dad isn't enough. "Dad... I..."
"I know," he says, giving me a look. "I know what happened. I'm sorry you had to go through that. When the police found you the man who...."
"Dad, it wasn't... I mean he and I..."
"Blaine, you're not gay," Dad says sternly, "I know that." It's as if he's daring me to contradict him.
I just can't deal with this right now. I'll sit him and Mom down later and talk to them about it. "I'm going to be late for school," I tell him, getting out of bed, still a bit shaky on my feet.
Dad shakes his head. "You aren't going to school today Blaine, it's already one o'clock."
"Why didn't you wake me up?" I ask him, my thoughts wandering to the guy I... I had sex with him didn't I? I sit back on the bed, my head in my hands. What a stupid, stupid mistake. What's wrong with me? What am I supposed to tell him? I pick up the hour glass sitting on the small table near my bed and fiddle around with it. Dad sits in my red arm chair and gives me a look.
"Blaine, what happened last night was awful for you, I get that. But we need to move on obviously. And you need to talk to people at school about what really happened because I've already recieved some nasty phone calls and..."
"Dad, I'm gay," I blurt out. He stops in mid-sentence and stands up. For the first time in my life, I'm scared of my dad.
"You're what Blaine?"
"I...I like boys." How else can I say it? "I'm not straight and last night..."
"Stop. Just stop," Dad raises a hand up. I shrink back and set the hourglass back on the table.
"Dad I wanted to tell you and Mom! I was going to, really. Then this happened and..."
He shakes his head and backs away. "Just... stay up here Blaine. You mom will bring you some food up in a while."
I suppose I should be thankful he didn't beat me the way I thought he would.

"Blaine? Are you awake?" my mom asks, opening my door.
"Yeah." Well, let's hope she's more understanding. She walks in carrying a tray laden with food for me. The scent of chicken alfredo wafts up to my nose and I can't help but smile, even if she won't meet my eyes. "Mom..."
She looks up and all of a sudden I'm wishing she hadn't. The hurt in her eyes is unbearable. "Blaine, honey, eat your food okay?" She sits in my chair and watches silently as I down my food. I guess I'm hungrier than I thought. How can I still eat when I know what I'm doing to my parents? I don't really deserve it, do I?
Mom walks over to my bureau and picks up the singing trophy I'd recieved last year at a competition. That had been my confusing year, eighth grade, when I'd really been trying to find out what was wrong with me, what I was feeling. That trophy had felt like a turning point, a great marker of something I had accomplished despite everything else. I'd been so proud of it, and Mom had been too. Dad was indifferent but wasn't he always when it came to that stuff? He didn't even like my polo matches much.
She sets the trophy down and moves to the dresser. I see her mouth move into a faint smile as she picks up one of the model cars my dad and I had built together when I was little. "You loved making these you know," she says, almost in a whisper. "Your dad had so much fun finding ones for you to put together on weekends or over break. He'd always surprise you with one and you'd just be... overjoyed." She sets the car down and walks over to me. "You've always been so enthusiastic about everything you do Blaine, you're such a special person. You know that, right?"
I nod, feeling tears start to form. "I know and Mom I...."
"Just try Blaine. Try to make your dad happy and let all of this blow over," she whispers. "This can't be who you are. I know you've always been a bit different with your sense of style and all but this isn't... it can't be who you are."
"It is Mom," I tell her. She looks at me, searching with her eyes to find some part of me she recognizes, something she can hold onto from the past. "Mom I love you," I choke out.
She looks away and heads towards the door. "I love you too Blaine. Just eat your food, try to get some rest. You're going to school tomorrow."
I nod, holding back my tears until after she's left the room.

Here's a link to a great Tumblr post of some slightly creepy but admirable fan girl pointing out everything awesome in Blaine's room if you'd like the visualization of his setting:

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