Corner of the Sky (A Blaine Story)

Corner of the Sky (A Blaine Story)

The title is a song from Pippin. I think it relates well to Blaine's character because he really is this lost soul with far too many troubles (in my mind anyways) and he just wants to find his place. Listen to it if ya want.

Any comments/suggestions would be awesome since this is my first Glee story

Most of this will probably be backstory

Warning: this may contain adult content (mentions of sex, deals with homosexuality, offensive language)

Enjoy! :)

Chapter 1

The Night That Changed Everything

Okay, I couldn't wait. I'm SO EXCITED FOR THIS STORY!!!!
Anyways, just a few notes before we start...

Blaine's past in this, as of now anyways, is only headcannon. Meaning this is how I see it, how I interpreted what the writers of Glee gave me. Most of it is not fact from the show.
Picture Blaine's parents as Lea Salonga and Peter Gallagher (at least until they actually show up in a Glee episode, then picture them as whoever they're cast as). And just to make these things simple I'm going to have their names be Lea and Peter as well, and that will remain even if their names are announced because I don't want to come back and change it....
Now. in this chapter it's the middle of Blaine's freshmen year (let's say December, just a week before Christmas break)......

I adjust my bow tie in the mirror before heading downstairs, waving to my parents nestled on the couch, and head down the street to my friend's house. Their parents are gone so they're having a party and he promised there'd be beer. So naturally I was in. I've been feeling so great lately, what with finally working out my issues with all of my feelings and everything. I'm gay, I know that now after months of toying around with how I've felt lately, and I'm ready to let other people know now too. I'm planning on telling my parents in a few days and I'll let my close friends know right before break so they'll have a chance to warm up to the idea on their own before I come out all the way at school. I'm pretty sure some of them have already guessed at it by the way they treat me. And maybe because of how I dress but hey, what's wrong with being dapper?
I go into my friend Austin's house and glance around the dim lighting. Music is blasting from a stereo and the air already smells of booze and sweat. A few girls look my way and I wave but head in the other direction. Sorry ladies, you're pretty but I'm not on your team. Now there's someone I could appreciate though. I take in the young man standing before me, holding a plastic cup in one hand and a pair of Aviators in the other. He's tall, taller than me anyways but that's not too hard to be most of the time. His hair is longer than mine and there's a bit of a five-o'clock shadow present as well. He looks like a mess but in a fashionable, maybe even sexy way. Too bad he probably isn't... No wait. He's looking at me. At me! I nod and he nods coolly back before turning back to his conversation. Why haven't I ever seen this guy before?
"Blaine! Hey man!" Austin says, coming up behind me and handing me a beer. "Dude, this is great. My parents need to leave more often huh?"
I nod and take the cup from him. "Definitely." I take a big swig and glace back over to the guy to catch him watching me again. Something is up for sure. "There are uh, a lot of people here I don't recognize," I say coyly, hoping Andrew can clear this up a bit for me.
He nods. "Oh yeah, a lot people from some of the schools close by showed up. You know how it is around here, everyone has connections to someone. But I only know like half of the people here. Let's hope none of them are mass murderers are anything. Anyways I'd better go. Catch ya later man," Andrew says, punching my arm. So that's why I don't recognize him. He goes to another school. And he could quite possibly be gay, especially since he's still staring over here.
Well, there's only one thing to do. I finish my beer and down another one before going over to talk to the guy.

Five more beers later and I have no idea what's going on. I'm still talking to the mysterious man. I don't know his name but with every sip of alcohol I take I'm feeling more and more attracted to him. He says something, guides me gently away from the crowd, upstairs. To an empty room. For some reason I let him.
He takes the cup from my hand and sets it on the night stand before pushing me onto the bed. Everything is happening so fast I have no idea how to control it... to control me or to control him. I'm powerless and God I don't even know this guy's name. He's pushing me further and I don't know what to do. This can't happen. I haven't even told my parents yet. No....
The last thing I remember is a door opening.

"Oh my God," I hear my mother breathe out. Where am I? What's going on?
"Mrs. Anderson? Is this your son?" a deep voice asks. I feel myself being lifted up and carried somewhere. I'm set on a soft surface and try to stir but I feel so heavy I decide against it.
"Yes. Yes it is. Peter, Peter!" my mom sounds like she's in hysterics. "Officer please, what's wrong with him?!"
"We were called to a house on a complaint there was too much disturbance. Turned out there was underage drinking as well which is part of your son's problem," the officer drawls on, "but the worst part is..." I hear him take a deep breath. He knows. He saw or found me or... No. Don't tell them. Let me. "ma'am your son had sexual intercourse tonight with another boy. Now I don't know if it was rape or he consented to it but... he was in pretty bad shape when we found him. The paramedics checked him out and he's still in shock by the looks of things. And the beer isn't helping his system out any either. I'm sorry."
"You're saying my son...." my dad's deep voice trails off. It wasn't supposed to happen this way.
I force my head to move, if only just a little. Mom must notice because I feel her hand holding mine. "Oh Blaine, honey. Come on, wake up."
"Would you like us to take him back to the hospital? I'm not sure what else they can do for him but..."
"No," my dad cuts him off. "He's fine right where he is thank you officer."
Heavy footsteps fade away and I hear the front door close. The man who turned me in is gone, thank God. But the damage is done. Not only to my relationship to my parents but to me. It wasn't rape, no. But I wasn't exactly asking for it either now was I? And now I'm ruined. Everyone will know about this by tomorrow if they don't already know. And my parents either think I'm a victim or a closet gay and I didn't even get to tell them.
How am I ever going to be able to recover from this?

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