"It Happened"

This is a kind of prequel to "What are we going to do"

Chapter 1

"Laughing and a lot to drink"

A week before Joe had to leave. Sometime in February.

Joe was planning his trip to LA to audition for a role that he was offered by a talent agent, that recently saw him in a play. "Ditto Productions" was the name of the company.

"Hello, I am calling to confirm my flight and accommodation booking to LA." he said while sitting at his desk.
"Okay, sir. That is no trouble. The flight and the accommodation has already been paid for, by a Mr Matthews of "Ditto Productions?" the Travel Agent said calmly.
Joe smiled with relief and looked at his phone, he was meeting Lauren and the gang for drinks at 7:00pm, it was already 6:30pm, "okay great, thank you" Joe said.
"That is no problem sir. Enjoy your trip." and they both hung up the phone.

Joe got off his desk chair with a bounce, he had to get ready to go out. He didn't need to get ready because he always looked good, then again he had to make the extra effort. He headed into his pale blue bathroom and stared into the wooden framed mirror that hung on the wall. He didn't need to do anything, so he rushed down the stairs, grabbed his keys and wallet which laid on a waist high table made from wood, he picked them up in a scoop and skipped out of the door, piling into his car. While he was driving down the road, bobbing his head to The Kings of Leon's "Manhattan" he was thinking about how the gang would react to Laurens' and his relationship and what Lauren was going to say after she found out that he was going to LA for a week, the rest of them already knew.

An hour later.

Joe, Lauren, Joey, Brian, Julia, Meredith, Dylan and Jamie met outside of the restaurant, said their hellos and gave their hugs, a couple of minutes later they walked in and saw a empty booth, so they all crammed in. A waitress walked up to their table. She had red brownish hair that was tied in a high pony tail, smooth pale skin and bright green eyes, she said;

"Hi guys, I'm Isabella and I will be your waitress for tonight. Drinks?" she said with a happy smile.
Brian seemed to know what they wanted;
"Erm, four Budweiser's, and four Vodka and Cokes please" Brian said.
"Sure, I will be right back. Here are some menu's, just let me know when you are ready to order" she turned on her heel and went to receive their drinks that Brian had ordered.

Joey noticed there was something wrong with Lauren. Isabella returned with their drinks "are you ready to order?" she asked. "Not yet" said Jamie, with a smile. Isabella turned away to serve other customers.

"What's wrong Lauren?" Joey asked taking a swig. Lauren looked at Joe.
"Oh my god! This is it guys." Julia shouted. Every single one of them looked at Lauren and Joe, intensely.
"OH MY GOD! You all know don't you?" Lauren screamed across the table, causing people to look. They stared into the drinks with guilty expressions.
"Jeez Lauren, it is obvious. You and Joe aren't the best at keeping secrets" Julia boasted. Lauren slummed back into her chair, this is when Joe cleared his throat. Lauren looked at him, her big brown eyes meeting his blue.

"Oh no. You are breaking up with me! Have you found someone else?" Lauren said, sculling her Vodka and Coke.
Joe laughed, "Lauren, don't be silly. Listen, I am going to LA for a week, on Friday." Lauren looked confused, and then she glanced at the others, still looking into their glasses.
"You guys knew?" she screamed, resulting in people looking again.
"Sorry Lauren, Joe wanted to tell you. And he made us swear that we wouldn't tell you" Dylan said softly.
In a rage, Lauren slapped Joe across the arm, but them coming to realize that this was a good thing, so she snapped out of it.
"Joe, why didn't you tell me sooner?" Lauren said, diving into Joes' arms.
"This is great, I am so happy for you. You're going to kill the audition" she gave him a long and passionate kiss. The others winced, Meredith called over Isabella.

"Hey, ready to order? she said. They all nodded. Lauren and Joe were still kissing.
"Knock it off you two" yelled Brian.
They all ordered and soon after they received their food. Dinner was full or laughter and more drinks. They way it should be.

Hours later.

Joe didn't have that much to drink, even though they were celebrating him. So he decided to let Lauren take this one. Joe pulled up into his dark drive way, rushing out of the car before Lauren started to throw up, seeing as that she said she was going to on the way home, but managed to keep it in until Joe opened the car door.

While she was vomiting he unlocked the door. Joe let her finish and then gently lifted her up, entering through the dimly lite hallway, he made his way up the steep stairs. Placing Laurens' tiny frame on the bed, he quickly rushed back down the stairs, and rushed out of the door. Locking the car, he ran back into house slammed the door shut and rushed back up the stairs. He was pleased to see that Lauren hadn't moved or puked some more.

He tiptoed over to her and watched her for a while. He thought to himself 'God, she is beautiful' she stirred slightly. Even though she looked comfortable and peaceful, Joe knew that she wasn't, Joe removed her shoes. He slowly and gently unhooked the silver button that was holding her black skinny jeans together, he made sure his hands were warm before he slowly pulled them off, trying not to remove her undies at the same time. She flinched.

Joe managed to pull off her jeans without waking her, or without her turning on her stomach, as she liked to sleep on her stomach. 'Now the top half' he said to himself. Lauren had put on a top and jacket which was joined, it's like she knew that Joe was going to have to undress her, so she made it easy for him.

He clenched the soft material in his hand, slowly dragging it up against her smooth, sun kiss skin. Joe got her arms through the sleeves and left it there while he lifted he head up, so that he could take the jacket top thing off her. Joe finished, leaving his half naked girl friend on the bed. Lauren was now on her side, which made it easy for Joe to get her and himself under the quilt. Before she froze to death, Joe took his clothes off leaving his undies on, whipping the quilt from underneath her, he climbed in, spooned her, and both were soon warm.

Lauren buried herself in his chest and mumbled.
"I love you" soon she was dead asleep. Joe smiled and said,
"I love you too" and kissed her forehead.

Soon, he was asleep. Both lay asleep, not knowing what was going to happen.
And you know what they say, 'Anything can happen.'

I hope you like it, sorry it is a bit late.
Thank you for reading.
- Hannah

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