A Favor I May Ask

For those who has difficult lives.

Chapter 1

You have to promise me this............

Again. I'm reading about people's depression, concerns, and deaths.

I would like to know, is that the only excuse of getting out of life? There is an after life, if you believe, and things can happen again. (Forgive me if I insulted you, I'm being realistic)

You guys are almost adults. Almost there of getting a new life! But giving it up because parents, unforgivable friends, and jackass bitches shouldn't be slowing you down. Yes! Life is hard! It's hard on everybody. (Excuse my language) But why is it worth to give up?

Those who has family issues. It can be abuse, verbal, mental, physical, and sexual. You shouldn't be afraid of getting the police. Call the Child Protection Service! Call the police! If you are physically, mentally, verbally, or sexually assaulted! Don't just hide yourself in your room and cry! I know you guys are stronger than that! If you were strong enough to tell us what is happening to you on Quibblo, why is it hard to say it out to the police?! If you are that afraid, I suggest (after school or whatever you do to get out of the house), you go and stay with a trusted friend. Tell that trusted friend everything and ask (or beg) to let you stay with them. And call the police and tell them everything you said on here. It seems uneasy and a little frightening, but if you want to have a least a better life, I suggest you follow.

Now for parents that don't abuse their kids, but choose not to show love. I don't understand parents these days. Like my mom said to me when I was 2, she said, "I'll be a better mother than what my mother was to me.". And I believed her. Because when she was a kid, her mom never show love. She call my mom some many names, never let my mom do any fun, or even say, "I love you". She finds it sad, and hates her mother for this. But my mommy proven her point. She says, "I love you" so many times to me and my sister. She finds so many ways for me and her to have fun. And we are proud to call her, "Mommy".

But here is what brings me to question. My mom said most parents she had seen, were just like her mom.

And when I think about what you guys said about your parents, I'm like, "Why are they acting like this to their own child? They are repeating what their parents did to them. They hated it so much! Yet they want to put it on a child!". Even my mom thinks that's wrong.

Parents, if you are reading over your child's shoulder now (if not, you read this without them or get your parents), what you had experience in your childhood is no different than what you are giving or treating your child now. Your child or children has feelings just like you. They have issues at school. You are suppose to love and nourish them. You are the FIRST, FIRST people we had met since the day of birth! You were suppose to be our friends! Why are you against us?! What are you afraid of?! Why are you jealous of us?! Is because we have better fashion, more awesome technologies?! Does that even matter?! Does it relate to your child's or children feelings now?! You have no rights to treat your child like CRAP!!!! They are people, just like you, yet you believe it's nothing to care because you never wanted to have them! Why haven't y'all heard the word "PROTECTION"?! What are you too dang lazy to even use it?! That is all I have to say to you people! (If you don't want to get in trouble, don't show this to your parents. I'll find a way to spread this)

Now on to the difficultly in school life. School is suppose to be for learning and making new friends and gaining opportunities. At least that I thought!

School now is just fricking hard! Not teachers and their poor skill at teaching. I mean to get on with life! There is always one jackass to mess with someone. One judgment and it's a punch or a kick in the face!

Do you know what I hate, for those who are bullies and pick on people........................... JUDGE MENTALLY IDIOTS!!!! ALWAYS JUDGING!!!! ON EVERYBODY!!!!! AND NEVER ONCE, THEY ARE POSITIVE!!!!!

There is a difference between bullying and defending. Defending is when you help a friend or a stranger out by standing up for them. Bullying is unreasonable excuse to harm people or make the people harm themselves.

To those who are being bullied. Whether it's insults, physical, or mental. You shouldn't be afraid of a stranger or a group of strangers. They are people, looking a way to find an excuse. Remember though, they had hard times at home or pass events, so don't hate them too much. But if their life is good, yes, time to step up. If they constantly get on you nerves about everything, 2 ways you can do this. Obviously, school don't care about students. Unless there are those who do. 1st way, fight them if they are physically hurting you. You shouldn't stand or lie there, wishing for this to end. You're giving them more power. I say fight them. Using hands, feet, and head. Don't use your head so much. But there's a catch. If you fight them, make it more like you're defending yourself. That way, you won't get into trouble if you make it look like you start the fight.
2nd way, when you are away from them, call the police and report a harassment. Say that you go to whatever school and name of students of who harm you. If one of the strangers' parent is a the police and chose not to believe you, tell your parents (if they care) and demand a law suit. You can sue the cop and the stranger.

Now if people come up to you and starts saying, "I can't believe you got (blank) in jail! You are such a bitch!". First off, slap her (if it's a girl, I really can't stand that. If it's a guy, walk off). But don't care. You may have difficult times making friends, but at least you help those who are getting harm. And talk to them. Make them feel welcome to life. Who knows? You can probably change their lives.

Now if you are a girl and a BOY hits you, yeah. Call the cops. Boys don't hit girls! THAT'S FOR ALL BOYS ON QUIBBLO!!!! YOU DON'T DARE PUT YOUR HANDS ON A GIRL!!!! UNLESS SHE HITS YOU FIRST, I SUGGEST YOU DEFEND YOURSELF!!!! YOU DON'T LET NO GIRL SCARE YOU!!!!! AND I'M A GIRL!!!!!

An offer, more like a promise to me, you must do:
1. Never think about or even try committing suicide.
2. No more cutting yourself. Or harming yourself in anyway.
3. Think positive. Think about those who loves you on Quibblo
If you care about us, you wouldn't put us in misery of your death. We all care about you. We're the people who can understand you and be by your side. Yeah, the world is an ass, but you know there are people who cares

Thank you all for reading. Diana_E_An


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