All my Friends! ALL THE PEOPLE WHO READ MY STORIES!! They will be MOVED!! Read please!!

Lily likes cheese and Lekha likes chocolate!!!

L + L = Best real friends as well as E, S, H, A and T!! Oh and M!!! Yayyyayayaya!!!

Chapter 1


All my Fans for my stories!!!!

I'm giving them all to my friend Lekha- on COMMUNITY FANFICS!!! And she's going to finish them off with me :) I'll give you the link to her account is you want to read any of the stories!!!

Dances with the Farway Girl is going to be put on it and also updated there so if your character is in it, you might want to check it out!!!!!!

Lily Is going to be posted on their too :)

Letter's to Juliette will also be transferred!!!!! Lekha and I are re-writing it and IT'S GONNA BE GREAT!!
Includes! RATED T!!! Swearing, Teen pregnancies, love, hate, friendship and a WHOLE LOT OF DRAMA!!! (so if you aren't into that thing don't read it!! You have been warned!!)!

KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need your permission wether one not we'll be able to put A crazy little thug called love on there!! It WILL be credited to us!! Us an offer for more publicy so you can see what's going on their, okay??

Also, the little stories such as The Naming of the Next Generation will be posted and attempted to be inished!!!!

HUGO And RON's story will also be up their! (It's written In The stars! Which has been proof read and edited by the wonderful girl who gave me the idea for it, SCARLETT!!! Thanks Scar :)

Harry Potter: The Next Generation is a story Witch will probably not be finished but it will still ve posted since people on here love it soo much and I'll try to finish it if I have tome!!

That's all guys!!! I'll post the link of her profile soon and eventhough it's got her name on it- BOTH of us own it!!

Okay, hope you guys are just as excited about Letter's to Juliette A's I am and also finishing my Hubger Games fanfiction!! as well as Lily!!! Wish me luck at thanks for all the support!! I'll still probably post all the chapters on here too but just not A's soon A's the ones on communty fanfocs!!

Ps, here's a brief summary of Letter's to Juliette so you guys know what the heck it's about!!

Alessia Robinson is a half French girl who goes to Hogwarts! She has had nightmares about a muggleborn witch from the time of the founders forever! Just recently she finds that girl was linked with none other than Salazar Slytherin! James and Alessia get detention and find a box full of Letter's adressed to 'Juliette' and the other half addressed to 'Salazar' but it's starting to get creepy A's the Letter's outline a secret love between the two and there break up, as the relationship starts to get rocky so do the letters and hidden messages are now contained in them that hold a deadly meaning, death threat and truth on why Salazar Slytherin hated muggleborns so much. Alessia and James also have to get through average day drama of how they hate eachother- fangirls- pregnant best friends- broken promises- awful deaths- hidden secrets and the trouble with being in love with someone you're supposed to hate all in seventh year!!! So who's pregnant? Who loves eachother? Why is Slytherin so annoying and WHAT ARE THE DEATH THREATS ABOUT??

Follow them on this adventure- now which has been completely and utterly re-written to not be boring!!

Check it out guys!! And also to anyone who has an account, COUlD YOU
PLEASE FAN HER!! SHE'LL FAN YOU TOO!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANKYOU so much!!!!!!!!!!!

-Artemis101 and the awesome Lekha :)

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