Just another peice in the games ~The 25th anual Hunger Games

I've been so exited to write this!!! YAY! I spent like, hours working on the first chapter, so it better be good! nd sorry for my lazyness -_-. Lol Ejoy! (And I wouldn't hurt to comment and send me a FR ;)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"Sabrina! Come in here, the president is announcing an important message!" My mother screamed from inside. I quickly got up out of the dirt to watch the television. I could collect the katniss (Remember that katniss is an edible root) later. I walked into our three room house to find the television on, my family crowded around it.

I rolled my eyes as President Snow went through why they created the Hunger Games, bladabladeblahblah. I became allarmed as he said that this year was a Quarter Quell. He continued to explain what it was. "The Quarter Quell is an extra reminder of your defeat of the rebellion. Wich means, every 25 years, there will be an added challenge and/or major change in the games. This year, the first quarter quell, is extra special." He said, with an evil smirk. He pulled out a card from a box, and read out, "This quarter quell, there will be double the tributes for each district! This is to reming you that for every Capitol citizen that dies, two district rebels die." I froze. This year was my first year in the reaping, but I have sighned up for tessarea! I had 8 members in my family. That means I will be put in 9 times! Thats even more than sombody in their last year of the reaping without tessarea....... ?I am dead. So dead./ I thought. Soon the announcment was over, and I went back outside to gather the preciouse food. It's hard to feed a family of 8......

I put on my nice dress, and sadly walk outside. Reaping day. And a very dangerouse one at that. I walk towards the town suare, and quickly slip into my spot among the 12 year-olds. "Welcome to the 25th anuall hunger games!" Our mayor said from behing the 'special' podium. I noticed that instead of two chairs, there were four. I ignored the long speach, untill Wessly Hickfeild came on stage. I couldn't help but stare as his blue hair that was styled to stick out all over the place. "....and may the ods be ever in your favor!" He said. Hm. I guess I tuned out of the first part of his comment. He reached towards the bowl on the right, wich is the boys. "Girls always go first! Why don't we let the boys have the honor this year?'' He asked. Some of the girls cheered, and Wessly looked at them funny. "And the first male tribute for this Hunger Games is," He said digging in the bowl. "kriss Jeriah!" He said cheerily. I looked in the crowd for him. I diddn't know him, but I noticed a pale 17 year old making his way up the stage. "And for our other male tribute...... Zane Grindle!" A tall, black haired boy stood up, and began to make his way towards the stage. His emotionless face looked into the crowd, and his eyes rested on a crying girl next to me. "Is that your brother?" I asked her softly. She nodded her head, still sobbing. I put an arm around the stranger, and awaited the two girls. "..... Savannah Redwood!" He cried happily. My face turned into an expression of fear and anger when I saw my best freind making her way up the stage. Poor Savannah. This was her worst fear- being picked for the games. She couldn't contain her fear, and I saw a tear roll down her white face. She found me in the crowd, and locked eyes with me. Her eyes became as huge as an owls as Wessley called the next name. Sabrina Hannon. "NO!" Savannah yelled as I stood up. I ran to her and hugged her tightly. "Its okay, Sabrina, its gonna be pkay. It'll be okay." She tryed to comfort herself more than she was me. Soon, peacekeepers surrounded us and swept us into the justice building. They litterally had to pry us appart when they said we were being put in seperate rooms. "I'm not leaving her." Savannah told the peacekeeper. He shook is head, and pulled me away. I was put in a cozy room, waiting for my visitors. My mother rushed into the room and embraced me, the toddlers trailing behind. Tommy was crying, so I picked him up and set him on my lap. "Promise me you'll win, Sabrina." My mother told me seriousley. "Mom.... I.... I just don't know. I don't know how I can. And with Savannah in with me..... I don't know." I told her. She gave me a sad look. She started to say somthing, but the peacekeepers came and swept me away. Before they could completely remover her from the room though, she slipped somthing into my hand. I looked at the object. It was a bracelett, tightly woven from dead grass. I slipped it onto my wrist before the peacekeepers came to get me, saying nobody else came to visit me. I guess nobody cares about me, afterall. I quickly scan the hallway for Savannah, locateing her near a door at the end of it. I ran to her, and hugged her. We walked side-by-side to the train station. Where most tributes would smirk, I smiled. I was young. I was cute. I could use that to my advantage. Who wouldn't sponsor a cute, innocent little girl?

The 'papparazi' took some pictures of us before we boarded the train, where Wessley was waiting for us. "Get ready for dinner girls!" He said, before gliding away to his own 'room'. "I'm gonna go get ready. See you at dinner!" I told her, walking to the door that says "District 11 female tribute #2". I figured I was #2 because I was chosen second.

I walked into the large room. There was a desk, a bed, and a large wardrobe. I went over to the wardrobe and opened it, expecting it to be empty, but instead it was filled with very nice clothes. There was a door on the right wall, so I went over and opened it. Inside, there was a toilette, a sink, and an extremely odd-looking cubicle thing. There was a pannel with a lot of buttons and things on it, so I pressed a button. All of a sudden, in the cubicle, water started shooting out of a focet-thing. I put my hand under the water to feel the tempurture. "Ow!" I yelled, yanking my hand back. The water was very hot. I rubbed my hand, and pressed some more buttons. When I felt the water again, it was warm. But if those buttons controll the heat, what do the other buttons do? I pressed a large button, and pink foamy stuff was shot out of the walls. Is that..... Soap? Is this a- a- what do you call it? A..... Shower! Yeah, thats it! I've never acctually seen one before..... When I bathe (Which isn't that ofen), I have a gint mettal tub and full it with water. But I guess the shower will work.... I thought. I strpped off my clothes and stepped into the warm water. I made the pink foamy soap spray me down, and when I got out, I was more clean than I have ever been in my life. I wrap a towel around me, and make my way towards the wardrobe. I pick out a purple t-shirt and some jeans. I quickly dry my hair, brush my teeth, comb my hair, and leave the room. When I step out into the hallway, I see a young girl sweaping the floor. I don't say anything to her, and she only looks at me. I wander down the hallway, still thinking about the girl. Why is she here? Why was she doing work? She must be an employee..... When I finally come across a large room, I see a man, a woman, Wessley, Kriss, Zane, and Savannah all sitting at large recktangle table. "Just in time!" Wessley said, looking over to more employees who had trays of food. I stared, wide-eyed, as they set the food down and left the room. "Thats more food than I have ever eaten in my life. Litterally." I said truthfully. This WAS more food than I have ever eaten. Almost the entire table was covered, and it was a GINOURMOUSE table. I mean, really. It was huge. There was just enough room for our plates and glasses. I dug in. Like, I barely ever had an empty mouth. And according to Wessley, I ate an entire turkey. Wow... I just realized that I have never been FULL before. I had always left the table still hungry.... "Time for the replays!" Wessley called, intterupting my thoughts. I unsteadily got up from the table, dizzy from eating to much. "Can- can I have a paper and pencil?" I asked. Wessley quickly ran to grab me some, and came back within 2 minutes. "We don't want to be late for the replays!" He said, bouncing into the roo next door. I wearily stepped into the room, and sat next to Savannah on the couch, followed by the rest of the 'group'. The national anthom plays, and finally, we see Lyzell May, the normal looking escourt for District 1. She goes over to the Girls bowl and picks out The names Dazzle Lockhart, and Katie Maloor. The two boys are Lucas Devani, and Mathew Cobault. Dazzle, Lucas, and Mathew refuse volenteers, but Katie is quickly replaced by Charm quinkle. I write all of their names down. Charm looks small, so I l put her down as minor threat. But Dazzle and Lucas look large, so I put them down as threats. But Mathew Cobault.... He. Is. MASSIVE. I put him as MAJOR THREAT on my paper, and await District two. Picked first was Mealyn Allyn, who I put down as a minor threat, but Areah Silk is really small. Like, as small as me. I put her down as 'bloodbath' when Tyler Bartough, and Brok Rendez are chosen. I put them both dwn as 'threat'. When district 3 arrives, the people chosen are Spectraa Jones, Amanda Hawkins (I emidiately put her down as threat), Andrew Strong, and Nile Acker. Their all threats exept for Spectra. Then the rest of the Districts go by untill it finally reaches 11. (I'm too lazy to go through all the districts) I see the boys get chosen, the camera points at me and Zane Grindle's sister when she starts crying, and I wrap my arm around her. The camera goes back to the stage when Savannah is chosen. Her teary eyes looking at me, the camera follows back to me, then to the stage once again. I'm called. I stand up, Savannah calls 'NO!', and I run up to her, hug her, and it slowly fades to District 12. The camera points to a crazy looking woman with pink hair, who calls out Anthony King, and Joseph King. There is confusion in the crowd. They have the same last name! Then I realize that they are identical. Twins! What are the odds of BOTH twins getting chosen? Ha. Its a crazy messed up world..... My train of thought gets intterupted when Xaieria Leanway gets chozen. She looks like a possible ally..... And we're gonna need those. Then Sarah Brown is chosen, the anthom is played, and the screan goes black. I show Savannah my list, and this is what she sees:

Charm Quinkle - Minor threat
Dazzle Lockhart - Threat
Lucas Devani - Threat
Mathew Cobault - MAJOR THREAT
Mealyn Allyn - Minor Threat
Areah Silk - Bloodbath
Spectra Jones
Amanda Hawkins - Threat
Andrew Strong - Threat
Nile Acker - Threat
Jewlaria Lovedasey - Bloodbath
Rayna Levesque - Threat
Jordan Everette - Minor Threat
James Lynast
Clover Smith
Camile Meadow - Bloodbath
Charles Dunn - Threat
Bryan Cole - Minor threat
Phebe Lunt - Bloodbath
Lynda Ross - Bloodbath
Vivan Ranford - Bloodbath
Jay Porter - Extremely small threat
Rosalne Alkin - Minor threat
Tania Grdon - Bloodbath
Calu Kleewig - Minor threat
Damien Hunt - Minor threat
Laylin LunRose - Bloodbath
Lory Levetia - Bloodbath
Michel Debbery
Scott Thompson - Threat
Sheila Pastor
Amelia Vane
William Lewis - Bloodbath
Jesse Anderson
Camryn Turner - Bloodbath
Theodora Bow - Possible Ally
Justin Wright - Bloodbath
James King - Threat
Sabrina Hannon - Me
Savannah Redwood - Ally
Zane Grindle
Kriss Jeriah
Xaieria Leanway - Possible Ally
Sarah Brown
Anthony King - Minor threat
Joseph King - Minor threat

"So these are all the people we could ally with?" She asked me, rolling her finger over the two people. "Yeah, or at least I want them for an ally." I told her. She nodded her head and said goodnight, then left. I was left, looking through my list, until fianally it was just me and Zande Grindle. When he realized that we were alone, he walked over and whispered something in my ear. "I saw what happened with my sister. And... I owe you one. And I know exactly how I'll repay you. In the arena..." He whipered sofly in my ear, and left before I could say anything. And I was left there, alone.

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