7 minutes in he.aven! b.. i..

Emily was having a birthday party, her sweet sixteen to be exact, and she invited over half our class to her house the weekend before her birthday because her parents were on a cruise and she had the house to herself. Everyone brought something, besides a gift ofcourse, a few guys brought a keg, and many brought other 'drinks'. It was going to be the party of the century, we all knew it!

Chapter 1

Andy's coming out of the closet. and the 'games'

I'm Andy, and I'm bi.. only a few of my closest friends know this, and i have the BIGGEST crush on this girl named Mary, no one knows tho because shes not exactly the most popular girl, and i dont want them to know it.. she knows tho because shes bi too and we've talked some.. ;)

it was 7 am the day of the big party! I called Mary and asked if she'd be there, she said that she wouldn't miss it for the world.. as long as i was there (how sweet!) I then called my boyfriend, he was a senior and wasn't "invited" per se.. but i was bringing him along anyway! school dragged by, teachers uselessly teaching kids that weren't listening, and kids not caring because all they talked about was the party! Emily had a Huuuuugee house in the nice part of the city, where the neighbors couldnt hear if she had a party or not, so it was Perfect! finally came time to get ready for the party of my life!

I had never been to Emily's house before, and i now regretted it, it was amazing! three stories high with a huge front and back lawn with an amazingly large pool in the back!! I leaned over and kissed my bf and ran into the house, not caring that i left his side.

two hours into the night and half the people were drunk and the rest, besides a few designated drivers, were buzzed. emily called through a speaker system that ran into the house that any girls that wanted to play spin the bottle, & min in heaven, or truth or dare to go directly to her room, where she'd be waiting. (everyone in the school knew she was bi, and no one cared, she was just that popular, i guess) almost every girl there ran for the staircase, i wasn't sure, should i?

Jake nudged me to go ahead, so i ran up there, my heart beating fast. did i make the right decision?

there was a group of about 15 girls in a circle playing spin the bottle, mary was one of them, so i decided to join them, while the other 50 some girls played the latter of the games..

i kissed half of them, none of them being mary though... it was my turn to spin the bottle,, so i spun,, and it finally landed on her! we kissed, and kissed.. a few girls cleared their throats, but a few actually ended up joining in! it was amazing, i got so h0 rny! we broke apart and i suggested going over to the seven minutes in heaven section.. she agreed.

my luck was usually pretty good, and when i drew a name, it was mary, we went into the closet, but emily stopped us, she said she saw us before,a dn decided to give us as much time as we needed, and if she wanted to join later, could she? i told her thanks and okay! mary nodded her head.. as soon as the door was shut i ripped her clothes off, going directly for her b00bs, the were d's, and they were amazing.. ! she ripped mine off in return and started tonguing me it was awesome, suddenly the dooor opened, and three of the other girls dragged us out, while we kept making out.. they told us to get on the bed, and they tore us apart. Emily had three beds in her room, for sleep overs i guess... they tied me to one bed and tied mary and Emily to the others. they ripped what little clothes emily had on and started fingering her, a few started to suck on Marys b00bs, god i was soo h0 rny by now.. the rest came after me.

two pulled their underwear off and shoved their puzzies in my face and demanded i eat them out, i obeyed. one started licking my va.g i commed and commed.... i eventually passed out and the next thing i knew jake was in the door way, a shocked expression on his face that quikly changed to pleasure. i saw him get a b0ner immediately. a room full of nak ed chicks was his dream.. he came over to me and we started making out. he got on top of meand fingered me.. he unzipped his pants, we were about to do it when emily shouted NO BOYS ALLOWED!!! and four chiks tackled him out of the room. over half the girls left, leaving about nine left, they whispered in the middle of the room, and i was getting scared, what were they going to do?!

they divided up evenly, three girls for each of us.. it was fair, a mouth for one, b00bs for another, and a puzsy for the third of each group...we went at it for another twenty minutes or so, and they untied us.. it was such a relief.

we all promised to come back up here before the party was over.. considering it was 3:30 am already, i hoped that was soon.. Jake Mary and I hung out the rest of the time... kissing, etc.

when 5 am rolled around, emily called us back up, since all but about 20 people had left the party, i told jake i'd see him later and i'd get a ride home with mary.. he seemed dissapointed, but he was relieved because we was so tired.

emily mary and i gave eachother a wink, we had discussed what we were going to do with the nine other girls throughout the night... and they were in for a big surprise.



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