This is a story written by me and my awesomw fwiend :) cdew. We dont really know where we are going with this...but maybe it just might turn out good! We'll see! I hope you enjoy and please comment any suggestions below! Thanks!

Chapter 1

The beginning

"PASS THE BALL KAYLIE!!" I ignored my coach and continued to dribble the ball down the court. I could see the basket straight ahead of me. The crowd was cheering insanely. My future as a pro athlete was only a point away. Then out of nowhere a giant supposedly "girl" came in behind me and tackled me. I fell to the ground face first. Pain shot all through my body. There was a loud crack. Everything became dizzy. I could barely keep my eyes open. Struggling was too hard. I was weak with embarrassment and failure. I closed my eyes tight hoping all this would disappear.

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