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Chapter 1

Ef U chapter title

Okay I've noticed this on multiple peoples profiles and today it jus got to mine. Downvoting everyones comments! I mean seriously! I have been fighting for my friends and maybe it's them? But seriously! If you're the one doing this, I suggest you STOP. Yeah I'm probably over reacting but i get mad easily. Go look at the comments on my profile! All down voted! When I went to go comment on other peoples profiles, ALL DOWNVOTED. Answer in the comments below, who do you think it is? I've seen them on Elena_Houses's profile and many others. Because to me that's being mean some people do take that stuff seriously. Not me, but there are little kids on here too like 9 and 10. Another suspect I have in mind is Quibblo himself. Because nearly everyone is turning against him. Wtf. Who do you think it is?


I think it's.............................................................

sparklzzz!!!!!! Or whatever her name is. Most of you probably already know who this rude user is. For those of you who don't, she is a rude girl, who goes and comments on people's quizzes with rude words! She gets incredibly on my nerves! She also commented on tacopengui7's profile saying "do uhave a problem with my quiz biitch?" Guess what another thing I found out about her? A girl made a "How pretty are you" quiz. It was just for fun, it didn't mean anything! But this girl took it way too seriously! She's so full of herself!!!! She said something like "Omg I can't believe you gave me a 4 I am the hottest chick on earth you must be blind" I'm not sure exactly what she said but it was something along those lines. Okay enough of my ranting, Let's get to down to why I think it's her.

I think it's her because I went onto her profile and there are so many hate comments against her. Plus she wasn't on today, and the comments posted today were NOT down voted. The people who commented on her profile, I went to their profiles. Most of them didn't have down votes yet, but there were about 3 or 4 that did. Anyways, she's my main suspect right now. Have any new ideas? Comment below.


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