Another Hetalia Family Meme

Chapter 1

Warning: May cause intense sadness, weirdness or laugher

Name: Artemis West Jones (West Arkansas)
Father: Ancient Rome
Mother: Ancient Greece
Sibling: America
Aunt: Ancient Egypt
Uncle: Korea
Cousin 1: Ancient Rome (He's my cousin and dad?)
Cousin 2: Ancient Egypt (O.O)
Cousin 3: Mongolia
Grandmother: Seychelles
Grandfather: Norway
Best Friend: Belgium
Past Lover: Belgium
Child from Past Lover: Chibitalia (O.O)
Current Lover: Spain
Child from Current Lover: None
Future Lover: Shinatty-chan (wtf)
Pet: Pochi-kun
Buried in Pet Cemetary: Taiwan (no!)
Stalker: England/UK (um...)
The One You Thought You Killed, Then Said Hi: Shinatty-chan
Your Rapist: Magyar
Who you want to Rape: Germania (wtf!)
Idol: Finland
Teacher: Turkey
Homeless: Egypt
Stole your Cookie: Latvia
Stole your Cookie from said person: Switzerland
Retrieved Your Cookie For You: Japan (thank you Japan!)
Said you were Sexy: Magyar
Said you were Sexy before he/she got glasses: America (O.o)
Enemy from First Grade: Estonia
Hacker: Belgium
Loved by All: Prussia (ironic!)

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