Pokemon Platinum: My Adventure!

Pokemon Platinum: My Adventure!

Danime, her younger sister Dawn, and their childhood friend Pearl are finally old enough to go out on a Pokemon adventure! Even though Danime and Dawn are sisters, they have different aims and personalities.

Then... what happens when the two girls accidentally get involved with interfering with Team Galactic?

Join Danime, Dawn, Pearl, and their Pokemon on this adventure!

Chapter 1

The Beginning!

Sigh... I think I have more than enough dialogue... But anyways this story is based on the video game, with some reference of the Pokemon Adventures manga.

Today is the day for 12 year olds Danime and Pearl, and 10 year old Dawn...

Danime's (as in anime with a D first) POV

August 27, 2012... 1:02 PM... Place: Our house, in me and Dawn's room, Twinleaf Town...

'Okay,where is Pearl?' I thought impatiently. 'I need my, no, OUR POKEMON!' It's far past 12:30 PM and I've been pacing back and forth so long I don't think I can feel my legs... And I remembered about this day this time!

Well okay, maybe I do feel my legs, but I just wanted to, um, express how, uh, bored I am? Forget it. I hate Volcabulary.

I finally slumped down in my bed and sighed, frustrated. Hmph, like I thought PEARL was the one who liked to start early. It's not like him, being late and all.
Sigh, I've always admired his determination, and his short-temper. I think cute short-tempered boys are my type. Plus, he'd be a great Pokemon Trainer! Maybe better than me...

... Okay, forget what I said about the cute boys part. Admiration, it's okay. But it's my own personal goal to keep my feminine side low! I just NEED to appear tough when I battle other Pokemon Trainers!

Dawn looked up from her 'romantic comedy manga'. Romance is DEFINITELY NOT my type! Dawn looks like she hears something. I hear something too. It's... pounding footsteps coming upstairs!?

"Pearl is coming upstairs," Dawn said to me. I made a 'no-duh' face at her.

Then, of course, our door slammed open so hard I think it broke. Well there's that blond... all angry... I wonder why...

"WHERE THE HECK WERE YOU?!?!?!" Pearl exploded. I didn't cringe, but Dawn did. She had some kind of sad face...

"Where were YOU?" I 'pretend' shouted. Dawn's eyes looked watery. Worse, Pearl can't stand crying girls. And the longer this takes, we won't be able to get our Pokemon soon! Oh, and I forgot to mention that Dawn doesn't like it when Pearl shouts.

Pearl backed off, then I just randomly shouted, "OKAY, we're all happy, let's go meet the professor!!!" Like always, it worked like a charm. And, fortunately, it made Dawn feel much better. It makes me feel better when Pearl is there, and here.

Pearl... he rushes a lot and gets angered too easily. Dawn and I have known him since forever, like when we were born. We've always been friends with Pearl, and we see him almost 365 days a year. But, let's get going!

When we got downstairs, Mom informed us, "Don't go in the tall grass because wild Pokemon might attack you." Like, no duh.

I rolled my eyes and rudely said that we got that. And of course, Mom (and Dawn) was disappointed with that.

"Hey, Danime, I forgot something at my house," Pearl told me. Yes, me. Then he raised his voice. "and meet me at Verity Lakefront, fast, or else you pay me 10,000,000 PokeDollars!!!" Then he just rushed out and slammed the door.

"Does Pearl ever have a break," Mom sighed as she groomed her Glameow. "Now, you three be safe and make sure you have everything you need. You girls only need a backpack. Come back home once you've got your starter Pokemon. Oh, and didn't Danime tell Pearl to meet up at Verity Lakefront?" Oh, uh, I don't remember THAT. Then, we just went back to what Mom was originally talking about. If you noticed, she says a lot of things.

Dawn and I spoke at the same time, except I said, "Yeah, Mom," and Dawn answered, "Yes, Mother." Geez, Dawn is ALWAYS the one to be polite. Maybe I should start with that once we go out on adventure.

We walked out, confident and excited to get our Pokemon! And I know EXACTLY what Pearl wants to do once we get them...

This is my first chapter ever in Quibblo, so it might not be the best!

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