OK so this is an story I made up about a bunch of kids on the run, but they aren't normal kids, they are special, they each contain DNA, from a certain animal that gives them certain physical, mental and emotional traits. Plus they have like special powers that come from the animal they got stuck with. Hope you guys like it comment and let me know what you think.

Chapter 1

I'm not an animal!

I am 14, I have short curly brown hair, dark brown eyes, I'm skinny , and my name is Wolf. See I live in this research facility called DSAIT, which stands for Dominant Species Athletic Intelligent Testing. I was born here, and when I turned one I was injected with ANIMAL serum. And my animal was a wolf. There were only 12 if us here. And I really didn't understand what was going on ever. We woke up went to school had P.E. which, is what I thought all normal kids did. I figured maybe they were just trying to observer our personality to see if we behaved like our respective animal. You know some major scientific break through that would help achieve world peace or something in the future. So I wasn't really paranoid, I mean it was home. That was until one day, my only other friend here Dove, (Not a dominant species I know, I don't get that either.) over heard a conversation some of the heads were talking about.
She made an announcement to everyone saying how they were going to put us out in the wild and see which animal has the skills to survive the longest. Whichever wins is the dominant species and the planned on creating some sort of super solider using the winning animals DNA.
Now when I first heard this I was like everyone else, I didn't believe her. Dove had always been kind of spacey so of course no one was going to take her seriously. Plus when you come to call a place home, and something threatens to change that, well you just don't want to believe it. Plus I didn't like my chances of trying to out live Lion or Tiger.
But after a while I stared to think she was on to something. First clue, was when they switched European history class out with a survival class. Second clue, when they started making us lift weights in PE, I mean we did that anyway but not like twice our weight. And final clue, well basically they said we were going to be going on a six week camping trip into the forest. I mean seriously?
Not to sound obnoxious but most of us here were smarter than the average fourteen year old. I say most of us because some of us, still didn't see anything fishy about this.
But I did, and so did Dove and we decided to escape. Easier said than done obviously, but I figured if we could get the other ten on board then we would get out easy.
Turns out escaping looked like it was going to be easier then recruiting the others.
In the end only recruited Snake, Owl, Eel and Lion. That's it, out of ten other people we got four. Sure its half and half now but you would think after spending fourteen years together they would show a little trust instead of acting like the typical naive American Teenager, but no!
"Why would they hurt us," they said, "they raised us, they love us," they said.
Well I was really considering sticking around to see how far their love got them, except I didn't want to die, so we did the next logical thing,we started planning. We only had a week before the "camping trip" and we were going to need a lot to get out of here alive. So we decided before we escaped, first we needed to figure out where we were. They let it slip once that we were in the north eastern region of the United States, so I thought Maine. But if we were going to get out of here I could think about it all day but it wasn't going to get us through the front door, unless I somehow acquired telekinesis over night.
Like Miss Golden always said, "drawing out plans is great and fine, but you have to put those plans in action if you want to get somewhere ."
I didn't understand what she meant at first, but now I got it loud in clear. But before I could act on something I needed a plan, like I said, easier said than done.

Next chapter coming soon

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