Stay by my side (Cato Love Story)

Hey guys! Here's a fanfic for all you Cato lovers! ENJOY!!!! oh and don't forget to comment and rate please!

Chapter 1

Character Info

Main Characters
Name: Jade Hawks
Age: 15
Weapon: Everything and anything
District: 11
Family/Siblings: Younger brother, younger Sister, Twin Brother
Description: Tall, well built (for a girl in District 11), skinny and curvy in all the right places, gray eyes with black flecks, very tan skin (naturally), long straight hair, pitch black hair.
Personality: Funny, happy, flirty, sexy, hot, lethal, cares for her family, motherly, loves her brother like a bestfriend,has know Thresh since they were babies, has a voice like an angel.

Age: 16
District: 2
Height: 6'2
Weapon: Sword and machete
Description: Strong jawline, dark sandy blond hair, short but slightly gets in his eyes, deep blue eyes, very built, tall, tan, muscular
Personality: To those who he doesn't like he can be hostile, if you get to know him he's funny and an average teen. Also very determined.

Age: 16
Height: 6''
District: 11
Weapon: Rock, Spear
Description: Tall, very built, cropped hair, black hair, brown eyes that look black, dark skinned
Personality: Quiet and caring, very intelligent, BFG (Big Friendly Giant), treats Jade like a little sister

Other Characters
Twin Brother
Name: Jude Hawks
Age: 15
District: 11
Family/Siblings: Younger Brother, younger sister, Twin sister
Description: Green eyes, Jet black hair that fall in his eyes, tall and built, very tan skin (Naturally)
Personality: Funny, easy going, protective of his family especially of his Twin sister

Younger Brother
Name: Josh Hawks
Age: 7
Weapon: Training in hand-to-hand combat and Jude is helping him with a sword and spear
District: 11
Family/Siblings: Older brother, older sister, younger sister
Description: Has very dark brown hair, same style as Jude, gray eyes with blue flecks, tall for his age and skinny, very tan (Naturally)
Personality: Kiddish but acts mature sometimes (Because of Jade), cute and funny, innocent.

Younger Sister
Name: Jess Hawks
Age: 5
Weapon: Likes playing with the little wooden throwing knives Jude made and the little bow and arrows Jade made for her.
District: 11
Description: Cute dimples cheek, brown hair, blue green eyes, freckles over her nose, very tan (Naturally), short and skinny
Personality: Like a little baby but can act older depending on the topic (Throwing knives-very serious, school-girly), very lovable and cute

Three Days before the reaping
Rue died because she was caught talking to another boy in the orchids, and because she got caught eating fruit from one of the trees. I held her small figure as the life drained from her. As she was in her last minute of life she looked up at me with those Doe like eyes of hers and whispered "Jade, please sing me to sleep, and tell mama I'm sorry and that i love her." As the tears fell from my eyes, i nodded my head and sang her the only song that i sang to her. It was from the hills of District 12 but it felt appropriate for Rue. When i finished the last note of the song, i looked at the small, fragile Rue in my arms. To soon the Peacekeepers came and took her away from me. I screamed, i cried, i kicked and screamed but they still took her away. I was curled in a small ball crying my eyes out when they came and took me home. When i was inside i was engulfed in a hug from my family. Jude looked at me and he knew i had to talk to Rose, Rue's mom. He took hold of my hand and told Jess and Josh to have dinner.

When we arrived at Rue's home, i broke down into a small sob. Jude knocked on the door and walked inside with me trailing behind him. As we sat down near the eating area i told Rose what Rue had said. I walked over to her as she screamed and cried. I held her tight and whispered comforting words to her. I stayed with Rose all that night, and Jude bought us a freshly caught Gousling. He cooked it up and made Rose eat a whole leg. She was in so much shock that she didn't even react when he said a WHOLE leg. We couldn't even afford to eat a whole leg between the four of us at home. But this was a special time so we let it go. When Rose fell asleep with the others i stayed knowing she would wake up in the middle of the night looking for Rue.

As i woke up in the morning i was surprised to see Rose holding me like she did to Rue. As i gently woke her i got up and made breakfast for everyone. I knew i couldn't stay with Rose any longer because Josh and Jess would worry about me so i bid Rose good day. She was surprisingly okay with it.

Day of the Reaping
As i returned from the small forest (Which was out of bounds) with a belt of rabbits and a bag full of berries i got onto dinner right away for after the reaping.
When i finished up with that i made sure to leave some for breakfast. Jess was ready in my old light blue dress that was to small for her. I had to make a few adjustments for her before i got ready. Josh looked absolutely adorable in Jude's old gray pants with a tucked in light blue sleeveless shirt. I had to fix his tie though. As i went to our room i quickly hopped into the cold bath water. I washed my hair and cleaned my body of any mud i had picked up from the forest. As i finished getting dressed into my short light green dress with a pair of white shoes Jude barged into out room with his tie looking like it was torn. I smiled to myself and walked over to him. "God, what would you do without me?" i asked him as i straightened his tie out. He smile and shook his hair so it fell in his eyes. "I honestly don't know." I turned around to the broken mirror in the corner of the room. I walked over and took my hair out of its pony tail. I shook it out and let it fall around my shoulders. "You should wear your hair out more often." said Jude as he came over and gave me a hug from behind. I looked at our reflection. We looked so much like out parents. Jude had moms eyes but hers were lighter, he also had her eye shape and her nose. I had dads eyes and hair. I was basically the female version of dad and Jude was a male version of mom. A tear fell from my eyes and Jude knew exactly what i was thinking of. "They would be proud of us." he said, his voiced cracked as a tear fell from his eye. I turned around and hugged him. He was the only person who knew exactly what i was dealing with. Just like i was the only one for him. As we composed ourselves again before facing Jess and Josh we passed a picture that had a women standing next to a man wearing exactly what we were. I didn't pay attention to it but apparently Jess and Josh did. "Jadie you look like mama, and Jewie looks like papa." Jess said as she came over and jumped into my arms. I smiled, trying to hide my discomfort as i processed this. Jude had picked Josh up. I smiled at how Jess said Jude's name. Jewie.

As we all quickly munched our food down we all finished and got ready to leave, making last minute check ups. Before we were out the door quickly ran to the kitchen and got a glass filled with water. He dipped his three fingers into it five times and blessed us all. He did that about four times for each of us. I put Jess down so i could do the same to him. When i was finished i through the water out and picked Jess up again. Dad used to do that when we were doing something that was important but dangerous in the orchids before we left the house.

When we got to the town square Jude and i signed in as we put Jess and Josh down near Rose. I had entered my name in for extra tesserae (sp?) instead of Josh. I didn't like the fact that he had his name more times than needed in the bowls. As we went to our different sections i just stayed by myself, not bothering to talk to the other girls. I kept looking at either Rose or at Jude. As the weird lady from the Capitol came on stage i completely zoned out, hoping neither Jude or i got picked. I must have been zoned out for ages because i only came back to myself when the whole crowd gasped. There already standing on stage was one of my best friends. Thresh. But that wasn't the reason why i was shocked to look up. The capitol lady read the name out again. "Jade Hawks. Please don't be afraid to come out. Jade Hawks." I heard around 5 different screams at once. One came from Thresh, another came from Rose, two came from Jess and Josh and the last from Jude. I didn't even notice i was moving till i went to shake Thresh's hand. He looked like he was about to cry. I looked at him with a stone face and mouthed 'Don't cry. Not yet' he nodded his head and his face was as cold and hard as the stone beneath our feet. Well this is going to be interesting.

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