The Will To Survive

A Hunger Games Fanfic by:

IntoTheDark and RedGoneBlue

Chapter 1

The Lesson (part 1)

"It'll just be another normal day." I repeated to myself for about the hundredth time. "Just a usual, boring Wednesday." I was sitting in the middle of my History of The Capitol class, trying to ignore the tension in the air, it was so thick I could almost see it. I had been tuning out the sullen voice of my teacher, Mrs. Weedway, but at the word "reaping" my ears perked up.

"As you well know class, several years ago, all 13 districts waged war against the Capitol, only 12 survived. As a punishment for our disobedience and ungratefulness, the Capitol established the Hunger Games." Her voice sounded prerecorded. As if she had been trained to say those exact words over and over until they were engraved in her mind. "The Hunger Games-"

"Are here to teach us a lesson." My class had chimed in. The Capitol had declared victory and the end of the war only two years ago . The first annual games were last year so the same speech that they force fed us about "learning out lesson and never again attempting resistance" was still fresh in our minds. Mrs. Weedway was beginning to look more tense, her dull eyes flickering anxiously from the class to the peacekeeper who was standing by the door intimidatingly. There had been a peacekeeper in every class since the end of the war. Everyone knew they were there to make sure that no one spoke against the Capitol, which made the teachers extremely nervous, but Mrs. Weedway still continued on.

"Every year, one boy and one girl from each district will be chosen to take part in the Games, this is called the reaping. The reaping for this year will take place tomorrow so there will be no school." At the end of this sentence Mrs. Weedway looked suddenly somber; an expression which, along wither her graying hair, made her look about ten years older then she was. She opened her mouth as if to say something more but decided against it as the peacekeeper gave her a suspicious glance.

"Yeah...just another normal day." I recited to myself. But I couldn't ignore the facts. Tomorrow, two poor kids will be sen to die from each district. It could be anyone, and if the games are anything like last years, the chance of survival are slim.

During the first games, they took all 24 kids and left them on a snow covered mountaintop with only one ominous cave to retreat into. When starvation, hypothermia, and wild animal attacks killed off five of the kids the first night the other nineteen went into panic mode. They made a pact not to kill each other but when then the tribute from district 5 just vanished, everyone went hysterical. They all accused each other of murdering him and ended up having this huge duel where no one survived. The winner had to be the district 5 boy who had really just been taken by the Game-makers (the people in charge of the games) just to create a little drama. The worst part was that the whole thing was televised.

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