Yoo, peoples!

Alright then! Cows go mooo! And I got snow where snow should never be! It's just...snowrong!! I made a snow chicken cause I failed at the snow man!

Chapter 1

Boredom can suck my snow chicken's non existent ladeh ballz!

Alright! Well I'm bored as bloody fyck! SOOO! If anyone wants to message me or whatever (I Wontreally be able to use quibblo well till Tuesday or so--on Vacation mind you) then email me! (Skyeiswhatweaimfor@gmail.com)---But say your quibblo name or else I won't know who the Fawk you are--and that'd be awkward 0.o

Also, cause of bored was cause I got no bored games---If anyone asks me anything (personal or not--please no dumbazzness--that's my thing!) I'll answer truthfully--erm...the truth, nothin but the truth (?Yeah! Lets go with that!) And without killing anyone!.../Maybeh.../
JKJK xD And don't be shy, seriously, if it's awkward--probably cause me. I got the awkward taco covered for everyone!
So umm...Bye..?

–Fox Out Of The Box, Don't Give a Fyck, it's Alex!


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