Something New

Evan and Jesse are best friends. One day though, Evan feels something more towards her. Will Jesse react excited about a girl on girl relationship?

Chapter 1

Friends till the end

by: MaMarx
School is so blah! I can't wait until college. No parents, no constant guardian watching my every move. It just seems so much more... Free! Jesse and I go into the girls bathroom for private conversations right? Apparently grown ups assume we're making out in there! Not that I'd object. It's been a few months now, since I developed a crush on her. It's kind of awkward, thinking lesbian now. If there really is any difference. I guess there is cuz I'm certainly no longer thinking about boys. Every time I'm alone with her I just want to jump on her and take her clothes off! Right now it's break. I wish school was over! Jesse whispers to me and leads me to the janitors closet. "Why the janitors closet?"
"They've already found our other hide out." She locks the door. "What'd you want to talk to me about, Jesse?" She leans against the wall smiling. "Truth or truth time." I gulp. We play this version of Truth or Dare when all we want is honesty. "I've been told that I look like a lesbian. Do I?" "No, why would they say that?" "Because of this." She pushes me against the wall and kisses me. "You have no idea, Evan. I've loved you since our first sleepover." That was the night we dared each other to sleep naked. We continue making out then we hear the bell. "Next class?" I say through the kissing. "No, I've wanted you too much." I can't miss my next class. I have THE test! It's worth most of my grade! And I am not that strong in Chemistry. "Jesse, let's do this later." She smiles and leaves. Man, now I have to get my family out of the house so we can have fun. Now I really can't wait for school to be over.

"I practically flunked that test! I just know it! No college would ever want me. I've never studied, I never do class work, and I'm only doing better than everyone else is cuz I actually understand it!" I'm ranting to Jesse like I always do. "If you understand it then you didn't flunk." I laugh. "There's a kick, Jesse. That whole test had nothing we learned, all year! The teacher does that!" Jesse pulls me towards her. "Let's not worry about school anymore. It's over." "Yeah, till Monday! The test will be graded and I don't want to see it!" "Evan, you're growing pimples." I cover my face. "Stop stressing! You'll get it back and you will see that you are not hopeless." "Thanks, Jesse. You always know what to say." We sit down on my bed and just stare. "So, about earlier..." I start. Jesse pulls me in and our lips are locked. She reaches under my shirt and unhooks my bra. I pull away. "Slow down there. I'm not quite ready for that." She slumps. "Since you're sleeping over we should set up your bed." I get out the cot we have that sinks down like a cloud. She slumps down in it and falls asleep fast. I sneak out so I can get something to eat. I wish I hadn't stopped her.


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