Hunger Games - Inspired Sayings and Quotes

Hey, guys!
This is just an idea I had, so here's how it works. I will write the first chapter, in which I will write down all of the Hunger Games sayings and that I know of, and also a my 5 favorite Hunger Games quotes. then I'll pass it on to someone else, who can write down all the ones they know in their own chapter. If you want a chapter, then tell me so in comments. If you just want to contribute one, that's fine too, leave it in comments, and I will add it.

~ Sarah

Chapter 1

Sarah's knowledge of HG sayings :)


Yes, I made a couple of these up. You can use them if you want :D But most of them I have read somewhere or heard them someplace.

- "Oh my Mockingjay!"

- "Where in Panem did you.."

- "How in Panem did you..."

- "I loaf it!"

- "I knead it!"

I won't put down anymore cuz I wanna leave some for everyone else! :D

My Top 5 Quotes

1. "Stay alive."
- Haymitch Abernathy

2. "Cato kneels beside Clove, spear in hand, begging her to stay with him. In a moment, he will realize it's futile, she can't be saved.
- Katniss Everdeen

3. "Kill her, Cato!"
- Clove

4. "Just this once, Twelve. For Rue."
- Thresh

5. "Look at you! You just killed... a place mat! Isn't that something!"
- Haymitch Abernathy

Tell me in comments if you want a chapter! Thanks for reading!


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