Behind Mrs. Perfect's Mask (story against sucide)

Behind Mrs. Perfect's Mask (story against sucide)

There a few people who are going to write the story with me and vepsy.
so, lets start with the main chartcher's info and a few of her friends.

Chapter 3

The call

I was cleaning up my room when my cellphone rang. "Hey Jess what's up?" I asked. "Oh nothing much." came Jess's responce. "It's just I was cleaning up my room when I found a diary, the one I wrote in when I wanted to commit suicide."
"Oh. You going to read it?" I asked. "I don't know, I might, but then again I might not. I'm not really sure." "Ok. So how are you doing?" "Pretty good, I'm remembering some awful stuff though." Jess replied. I nodded "Wanna talk about it? I mean at either your house or mine?" Jess hesitated. "You don't have to if you don't want to." I could hear Jess's small smile as she said "Thanks." I smiled back. "Don't worry about it. Hey, want to watch a movie later on today?" I asked. "Um.. Not sure, I have to finish cleaning my room first, then I have to ask my parents." she told me. "Ok." Then we hung up. I sighed and looked at the picture of my dad. I smiled. I then continued to clean.
'Boy was this a mess. I can hardly beleiive this is my room.' I thought as I finished. I looked at the lilac purple walls, and the dark blue carpet. The walls were filled with pictures. I smiled again and walked out of my room.

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