Behind Mrs. Perfect's Mask (story against sucide)

Behind Mrs. Perfect's Mask (story against sucide)

There a few people who are going to write the story with me and vepsy.
so, lets start with the main chartcher's info and a few of her friends.

Chapter 2

Jess's POV

I was in my room, clean it, listening to music. Then I found a dairy, and a picture ablum. I looked at the dairy, It was from when I wanted to commit sucide. But my friends and sibblings stop me. From causing the biggest mistake in my life. I open the pic. ablum. I saw a pic of me and star. I called her on the phone. I started remenbering what happen. It was a few years ago. More like 3 years ago. When i was 13. I hated my life. I was a girl who every one called miss. Perfect. I would hang out with my friends the preps. I had to hide every feeling to stay in ms. perfect form. I hated everyone who thought i was fake, for being me. They said i was fake because i was a prep. ughhhhhh....... why judge a book by it's cover. I had to fake a smile around everyone. The olny people I could actullay show my true feelings were with my true friends like star.

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