200 Friends. Fanks :3

Chapter 1

The Awesome People of Quibblo:

I, the fail Durfi insert my last name here which I'm not saying because then I'll be stalked who is usually marked as the weird girl, has 200 friends.
Thank you, Thank you so bloody much for all those acceptances (lol sounds like I filled in forms for college) and all those frienders, I love you all.
And just because I'm stupid and whatever I'm going to thank the amazing people who make coming on Quibblo a hell of a time:

pchurr, look it's your name again! You can favourite this thing as well. :L Haha, JK (Rowling). There is--for once--only one thing I want to say to you: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?
PhantomPotterGirl, Dude. I love you man, is that okay or are you staring at the screen like...'Dude...what?!' But really, Thanks for coming on this, now I know someone in real life on this thing.
mcrkilljoy15, this one's for our swexy taste in music. You rock.
Jnita, dude...same with pchurr: WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU?! Like, how hard is it for someone to find their Magical Trusty Banana with a Sparkly Vampire arm in life? Very. And thank god, I'm lucky. :L
GERARDWAYISMINE, Please die, I hate you. :L N'aww Sis, I love you and I'll love you more if you give me food.
CharmingPotion Thanks for being the first ever person that did my quizzes, added me and made me get all these sassy people on Quibblo! I can remember the first time you introduced yourself as Bella :L

Then, it's all the people I usually find on my Quibblo and I'm starting to realize how awesome they are:
BradTheBra Ahem, dude...I'm out of aliens...sorry :L
FieldOfBlack, Man you're awesome, but usually our replies are way late...Woops :L
teagzismeh God, How could you be so awesome? (Singing it to the beat of Heartless by Kanye West. :L)
Team_Seth Thanks for continuosly commenting on everything I make, you make my day man. I love you, bro. No creeperism intended...:L
writingfanatic you write like a moment where you can eat, sleep and listen to good music all at the same time. It is beautiful, please continue. <3
Spir9 I know we havent talked in a loong time, but thanks for trying to help me out with Pottermore. :D
nubilis Stories. Dying. Please write, you're amazing.
RJVD Thanks to you, I have changed. I used to be self-concious and such, now I fight back when they bully me. Thanks to your posts, stories and even profile pictures. Thanks, dude.
Kbram Can you say 'We have talked'? But man, you are sweet.
athenagiantsidi You and me, we have the commons. You're amazing.
magicinme You're StarKid storier are the bomb. I love them!
cici18roxursox Our talks about colours and shirts xD
love_is_like_HELL Dude please, never stop being awesome or else 2012 would be real.

Thanks to all those people who added me, accepted me into their rings of hot swexiness, I hope we can soon become as close as those people ^ there...somewhere.
Love, Durfi.

pchurr and PhantomPotterGirl, Shut up. It's Durfi.
I know what you're thinking...


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