I fûcking love you amanda and I would never ever lie to you don't ever change on me girl!!!!!!

Yep, I have a picture of you, I'm a stalker!!!! ;) xx

Chapter 1

Here is Le List!!!!!

1. She has the prettiest blue eyes I’ve ever seen, I swear!
2. She is INCREDIBLY pretty and gorgeous!
3. She makes me jealous and refuses to admit it arrgh! (u jelly broo?)
5. She has the prettiest shade of brown hair, it always looks great, and makes me wonder if she gets up at 6 in the morning and works on her hair till eight. (Maybe that’s why shes never early hmm..)
6. She is going to be my official EDITOR for my books! (If you’ll accept the position, fellow grammar nazi!)
7. She is SOO sweet
8. She is always forgiving
9. She is so compassionate it makes me cry in awe I swear Amanda uuuggghhh!
10. She never holds a grudge unless the situation (such as a current one) calls for it
11. She makes me SOOO PROUD (especially when she flips people off! wipes away tear of happiness)
12. She is always so polite, even when she doesn’t have to be!
13. She is the most creative person I know
14. She is so interesting talking to her is SO perplexing XD LOL
15. She has the best taste in humour
16. She refuses to admit her addiction in coffee
17. She claims to not be dirty minded, but if she wasn't dirty minded she wouldn’t get my dirty jokes so quickly. ;) It’s nothing to be ashamed of I assure you!
18. She is ALWAYS there for me, and she always has been!
19. She makes me think of all of the GAMES we play… U Mad Bro?
20. She is an amazing writer
21. She is the sweetest person on this EARTH
22. We always tease each other ;)
23. She is HILARIOUS
24. I can’t be around her and not be overly happy
25. She is brave
26. She is cool-headed
27. She is always the calm one
28. She is always the reasonable one
29. She is always the one to get us out of a bad situation
30. She is SUPER smart
31. She exceeds in everything she does
32. She pulls off even FAILING
33. She is awesome at English
34. At maths
35. At sport
37. She wants to be a vet
38. She loves animals :)
39. She is AMAZING to talk to
40. She is so mature and sophisticated, but sometimes…
41. …She is so crazy and childish I love her!
42. She is ADOWABLE!
43. She is my BEST FRIEND I love her!
44. She is always the first person I think to call
45. She is always one of the first people I go to when I have a problem or need to vent
46. She is awesome at planning EVERYTHING
47. She is a NEAT FREAK!
48. She is an amazing cook and the CUPCAKE MASTER!!!
49. She will one day marry Jack Howard
50. She has this weird thing where the majority of guys she has dated/had a crush on have been named Jack. I mean, Jack Howard, Jack Johnson, Jack C, Jack from Titanic (Leonardo Di Caprio, but STILL!) LOL!
51. She is CRAZY! Seriously, sometimes I wonder if she has mental problems….but then I remember that I have mental problems MWAHAHAHAHA!
52. She is my biggest fan, and I am hers! (Wow that sounds so sad…)
53. She always sticks by me, through thick and thin and cookie issues! XD
54. Her, Caitlin and I have the longest list of inside jokes EVER! Translate: So I was in the bat cave, thinking about gecko and dred, and about how mad I am at that fungleknob. But you are no fungleknob, you are flabberduck and I love you for it…knowing look yep you just lost ha-ha…and I was thinking about at school at lunch time if gecko was up the tree, and then I decided to drop the cookies, and think about poor mrs dobbs and window and curtain and light bulb…how hard it must be for light bulb to be turned on! At least we know gecko isn’t building any snowmen ha-ha- perhaps gecko being in a bad mood was due to that red sports car, I usually blame it on that! Have fun translating Amanda!
55. She is seriously WICKED COOL
56. She acts DEMENTED
57. She is sooo RANDOM
58. She doesn’t tolerate rudeness or idiots or any person that is try-hard, annoying, homophobic, or pig-headed.
59. She is an avid reader, and only reads QUALITY material! (HP FTW!)
60. She has THE BEST taste in music EVER I swear! Florence And The Machine, Garbage, Paramore, Rob Thomas, Jack Johnson etcetera etcetera…
61. She is a TRUE friend
62. She is REAL, she is never fake, never hides behind makeup and gross perfume, and cares about REAL life matters, not stupid things like who’s dating who and who’s popular and who bought the same shoes and blah blah blah…
63. She is the BEST TO HANG OUT WITH!
64. She is completely INGENIOUS and comes up with our groups BESTEST ideas always!
65. She has the most AWESOMEST fashion taste I want to steal everything but especially the owl necklace!!!!
66. She gets SUPER competitive, its HILARIOUS
67. She is SUPER fun to mess with!
68. She is gullible…its adorable!
69. She is, like, your classic COOLIO nerd and bad âss evil genius ;)
70. She’s picking up on all of my typos that I’m too lazy to fix right now, because quibblo doesn’t have spell check and I am WAAY too sleepy from…shudders “school”.
71. She is a NORMAL person, and KNOWS it.
72. She is down to earth
73. She is calm and easy going
74. She is always camera ready and camera-genic
75. She has the CUTEST smile
76. She has a good ear, eye, and nose for everything fantastic in this world!
77. She is weirded out that I have her picture on this thing. (No creeper, I took it from your profile!)
78. She’s not a wimp, she just doesn’t enjoy horror movies, and I enjoy grossing her out with the gory details!
79. She will ALWAYS be the first to read ANYTHING I have written, and always HAS been! XD
80. She is one of those friends you look at and go, “Yep, I’m never losing this one.”
81. She is the kind of person you would give a kidney to even if she didn’t need one. :)
82. You just know shes gonna make a badâss mother with her SKILLZ!
83. She cares for all living things, and its sweet!
84. I go to her for help with EVERY SINK! (no typo, I know what I wrote. Imagine I’m talking in a Russian accent, as Viktoriah with a K. BTW message me, I need yours and Caitlins help in party planning
85. She is SOOO pretty if I haven’t mentioned it, her youthful looks will be ETERNAL!
86. She always quotes OMFGit’sjackanddean at school, and it makes my day!
87. She is SSSSOOOOO loyal, and would travel through hell and beyond just to see me, as I would do for her!
88. She would NEVER EVER EVER lie to a friend!
89. Though I have previously said that, she IS a good liar…
90. She is considerable of every. Single. Person. Even if that person is Hitler…well okay not Hitler.
91. She is SUCH a geek, but she pulls it off by being badâss, too!
92. She is a fan of Doctor Who! XD I LOOOVE this girl!
93. Umm, have you SEEN her profile name? You don’t get much more awesome! ThatRandomGirl!!!!!!!!
94. She is artistic, and poetic, and WONDERFUL at everything
95. It is PHYSICALLY possible (and has been tested!) to stay mad at this girl!
96. It is impossible not to love her unconditionally!
97. You can’t ignore her or say no once her mind is set, she is a FIERY little determined person, hey? Ha-ha!
98. She is a hard worker ALWAYS, and top of her class at everything because of that!
99. She is IMPOSSIBLE to ignore!
100. She is the most fun I ever have hanging out with
101. I LIVE for making videos with her and Caitlin!
102. She has RESPECT for fine art, culture, and things that MATTER.
103. She watches RESPECTABLE movies, and pokes fun at crâp like Jearsey Shore with me!
104. She is sarcastic!’
105. She is always optimistic and cheery!
106. We can read each others minds! Hey Amanda guess what I’m thinking of? Knowing look
107. Her arms are always open for a hug when I need one, her ears always open when I need to talk
108. She is as weird and creepy as I am
109. There are literally a million great traits to this girl, though I can only post so many LOL!
110. I know I’m saying this about Caitlin too, but I can’t word this one better for these crazy bîtches: She is LITERALLY awesome, and not the kind of awesome you deem a burger, I mean the kind of awesome you deem a bad âss world record that makes you go, “Well…shît…”
111. She is INCREDIBLE I swear sometimes I wonder if she’s on drugs when she goes on her little rants!! MMMMMUUUUUSSSSSHHHHHHHUUUUU!!!!!!!
112. She is one of the only reasons I pull myself from bed in the morning and haul âss to school. :)
113. I can bet any amount of money she is reading through this entire thing and laughing her head off and blushing and going, “Ugh!” At every little thing, and she knows in her heart that she CANNOT deny any of this, because its all true and she is this wonderful, and now shes gonna go comment about it! See how she knows me? ^_^


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