Angel of Mercy

This takes place in San Diego upon the time of Michael's trials. Enjoy.

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Chapter 1

A Trip to the Hospital

Lillith Cooper sat in the childrens section of the doctor's waiting room. She watched her little brother Adrian play with the toys. She wondered what the doctor was saying to her parents.
Lillith knew she was sick and that it was serious. She was always tired despite how much sleep she got and ugly bruises seem to appear by themselves. She was only eight years old, turning nine, and even she knew that a normal healthy child had more energy than her.
"We'll have to run more tests to be sure." the doctor told Lillith's mother as they exited his office.
Tamara, Lillith's mother, looked at her daughter with worried eyes. Lillith had bright blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair. Lillith always watched over her four year old brother Adrian. She was kind of an old soul, Lillith understood things a child wouldn't normally understand, but despite that Lillith was still Tamara's little angel.
Why must this happen to her? Tamara wondered sadly.

Lillith's father, Dennis, had gone straight back to work as soon as they left the hospital. So Tamara was left at home with her two precious children.
As she washed the dishes, Tamara watched Adrian play with a toy train, then crash it into the table leg he was sitting next to. She scrubbed the dish and rinsed it thoroughly before placing it into the dish holder to dry.
Lillith grabbed a small stool and placed it next to her mothers feet and stood on it.
"You wash, I rinse." she smiled at her mother.
"Oh no, baby. You don't have to." Tamara replied.
But Lillith just smiled.
"It's allright, Mommy." she insisted. "I want to."
They washed dishes in silence, the only sound came from Lillith as she hummed "Gone Too Soon" by her favorite artist, Michael Jackson.
"Mommy?" she finally asked, breaking the silence between them.
"What is it, Lillith?" Tamara asked her daughter.
She was glad Lillith had stopped humming that song. It wasn't that she didn't like it, but it was just too sad and she had started to fear the worst for her Lillith.
"Mommy, I know that I am really sick." Lillith began. "But don't worry." she smiled. "Everything happens for a reason and it will all be allright."
Tamara stared at her daughter for a moment. Lillith knew she was sick, yet she was at peace with it. She wasn't even scared. Even if things turned for the worse, her eight year old daughter had no worries about it. Tamara admired her courage.
Suddenly, Tamara burst into tears hugging Lillith.
"Mommy, Its ok." Lillith said trying to comfort her mother.

1 Week Later...
Tamara set a white fluffy teddy bear on the nightstand next to Lillith's hospital bed.
"Hey, Mommy." Lillith opened her eyes.
Lillith was a sickly pale and she looked so weak. But despite that, Lillith was still as positive as ever about her leukemia.
She had been diagnosed with leukemia a few weeks before her birthday, but nevertheless, Tamara was still going to give Lillith the best birthday a nine year old could ever want.
"I brought Adrian so he could see you." Tamara said holding Adrian in her arms.
"Hey, Adrian." Lillith smiled weakly at him.
Lillith's love for her brother was nothing but unconditional. They shared everything, Lillith would often read him bedtime stories, and they always got along.
"Sissy? You be coming home soon?" he asked as his mother set him down
"I don't know. But even if I don't you come and see me everyday, ok?"
"Ok, Sissy." Adrian hugged Lilliths arm as his way of keeping his promise.

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