What I'd Do To You (Sample)

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Chapter 1


You walk into my room and the musics playing softly. I'm sat on the bed wearing what look like normal clothes... On top. You come in and in close my magazine, it's playboy, and looking at them girls got me h*ny. It's up to you to help me out. I set the video recorder on the side and press record then kneel on the bed. You walk over to me and pull my shirt off whilst I remove my pants. I'm sat in my sexiest underwear I own. You look at me and nod approvingly. 'I haven't got my sexy stuff, I suppose i'll have to go naked' You say and wink. I smile as you take off all your clothes and leave nothing but your string. It's my turn now. I walk to where your standing and push you onto the bed. I come down and grab yours string with my teeth. Licking a small bit of you p*y and trailing my tongue down your inner leg until you string comes off. You giggle innocently as I raise my tongue back up to your p*y and start licking slowly and gently before getting more harsh. My fingers slide in and out slowly then faster then my full fist is in your p**y. Your getting more and more turned on by the minute. Message for more...


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