To Make You Feel My Love (A Twisted Hogwarts Love Story)

To Make You Feel My Love (A Twisted Hogwarts Love Story)

So another Hogwarts Love Story. This time with Fred Weasley.

Olivia (AKA Liv) will be returning to Hogwarts again after the summer holiday. Last year some things happened but she's going for a fresh new start. Furthermore Liv is a fifth year Gryffindor, definitely one of the popular and pretty girls but don't underestimate her, she's incredibly smart and brave.

Chapter 1

I will never forget you.

'I could make you happy make your dreams come true, nothing that I wouldn't do. Go to the ends of the earth for you. To make you feel my love.'

I wiped my tear away that had fallen on the photograph I held in my hand. The brown haired boy in the picture waved and smiled at me. Another tear rolled down my cheek. I put the photo on my bed and I grabbed another clean handkerchief. Looking at the photo on my bed I thought about all my memories with Cedric Diggory. A chaos of memories went through my head, I tried to focus and picked one memory, still hearing the music softly in the background.

'I pushed my trolley with my trunk and cat Dixie along King's Cross Station. My mum and dad followed me, my brother Edward was already at the train with some friends. On this Monday morning we looked pretty much like a 'normal' family. Well apart from Dixie, who was making weird jumps, I guess. I can tell you we're not normal at all since we're wizards. 'You can go first Olivia, we'll follow you!' said my dad. I ran through towards the brick wall between platform 9 and 10. I waited for the smash of the wall but nothing happened, just like always. I had reached my place of destination: Platform 9 3//4. The place were the Hogwarts Express left every September the first. As I waved my parents goodbye, I walked towards the Hogwarts Express. Until I suddenly bumped into someone. 'Oh gosh, I'm so sorry!' I said in embarrassment. 'No problem, it can happen anyone.' Laughed a boy voice. I looked up and I saw this totally handsome brown haired boy. 'I'm Cedric Diggory by the way.' the boy said and he shook my hand. 'Olivia, but most people call me Liv.' I replied. 'I knew that already.' Cedric said with a twinkle in his eyes. 'Fourth year right?' 'Yessur.' I was a bit terrified about how much Cedric knew about me.

That's how it had started, our love. He then decided to join the Tri-Wizard tournament. The first two challenges went excellent and Cedric even had a chance of winning the tournament along with my good friend Harry Potter. I was so proud of both of them but then it went all wrong. I started to weep again leaving fresh new tears rolling down my cheeks. This time I didn’t even try to wipe them all away. Voldemort had returned at the last challenge and it was his goal to kill Harry. Cedric was with him unfortunately. Harry came out alive, Cedric didn't... I walked towards bedside table to pick up a necklace with a little pink heart. The first gift Cedric gave me. 'Olivia, come downstairs, my love. We need to catch your train.' my mum called from downstairs. I sighed, I wasn't ready to go back to the place where it all happened. Hogwarts had always been a dream, this year it would be more of a nightmare. I grabbed my red and golden tie plus the Hogwarts emblem from my bed. I hesitated but then took the photo of Cedric with me as well. Collecting the last stuff in my room I needed for my school year, I walked down the stairs where my mum, dad and brother Edward were waiting for me. 'Ready?' Edward asked concerned. 'Totally.' I lied with a fake smile spread across my face, wiping the last tear from my face. Edward gave me a hug and whispered in my ear. 'Everything will be alright sis, I'll be always there to protect you.' Then we finally left to King's Cross Station.

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