Astra Nicodemus's Life At Hogwarts

Astra Nicodemus was a pure-blood witch, who discovered her magical gift when she was 6, and almost made her neighbors fly in the air. Her father worked at the Ministry and mother was a house-wife. She joined Hogwarts at the age of 11 and was sorted into Ravenclaw. This story tells you about her experiences and the misfortunes she faced, her learning and making friends, along with some enemies, including her love interests. Drown into her thoughts and memories, and give her a place in your heart!

Chapter 1

Mysterious Book

by: Pranky
It was a regular day at Hogwarts. Students chattered loudly and made themselves comfortable in the Great Hall. The mails had just arrived. Everyone was excited to get something from their guardians. Wrappers were teared apart and the faces of many students gleamed with joy or excitement as they excepted their gifts or read their letters.

Astra Nicodemus ran her hand through the new book she got. She smiled, showing her white teeth. Her curly blonde hair was perfectly at place, for the first time, indeed. She examined her book again. It was old, but looked quite new to her. The book was sealed close, maybe she needed a spell to open it.

Eden Wolfe, Astra's best friend, who was in the same year as her, i.e, 4th year, peeped at the book. "I have to say," she muttered, noticing Astra's smile, "your parents know how to make your day!"

Astra rolled her green eyes and laughed. Her tiny dimples were visible when she did. People would tell her that she looked very cute with her dimples, which made Astra blush most of the time.

On the other hand, Eden was the person you would call extremely attractive. She was almost a foot taller than Astra and was curvy. She had shoulder length black hair, brown eyes and high cheek bones. Her skin-tone was perfect, with not a single fault.

"What is the book about anyway?" Padma Patil, who was on Astra's other side, asked. She pushed her long black hair back her shoulders. Her skin color made it clear that she was an Indian descent. She was a good friend of Astra.

Astra adjusted her Ravenclaw tie. "Its about... I don't know. There is nothing written on the front cover, or the back," she said. "I am so excited to open it!" She exclaimed, holding out the book on her hands. "But the main question is..."

"How to open it," Eden completed her sentence.

Padma made a face. "Is it sealed?" She asked. Astra nodded. She took the book from Astra hands. "Didn't your parent tell you how to open it?" She asked.

"Apparently not," Astra said. She sighed.

"We should get going," Eden said. "We have our next class soon enough."

Astra groaned. "Don't tell me it's with Slytherin again."

Eden laughed. "You just stole my words!" She exclaimed.

Astra gave an examining look at her new book. She thought about what could actually be inside. Her parents gave it to her, so there must be something important.


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