A Sample

Just something I've been messing with. This is just the first four chapters of it, just to see what responses I get.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I sat in the bath tub, staring up at the off white ceiling. The light that stared back up at me dimly lit the room in a yellow hue. I stared, sinking further and further into the tub until everything but my face was submerged. Water rushing into my ears almost like a wave crashing heavily into a cliff side cave, it dulled the sound of the fan into a quiet hum. Eyes unblinkingly cast onto the top of a prison, these eyes were unseeing. I was no longer watching bugs dance around on a white surface on which they were most distinguishable; I was peering down at myself. It was a curious thing.
I saw myself, in the tub… No, not the tub, but a large body of water. Air bubbles escaped my mouth, my arms flailing in a panicked motion, I was drowning. The depths of the water were swallowing me whole and I couldn’t do anything. Legs kicking wildly, I was gasping for the air that the environment was lacking.
My eyes flicked open, the dim yellowish glow of the bathroom harsh on my eyes for a moment. What just happened? Was that a flashback? Or did I see the future? I couldn’t tell. Things like that happened to me every day since I entered my foster home. I sat up, the water rushing out of my ears, mini waves colliding around me. The tears of the bath water ran down my face and shoulders, outlining the curves of my body.
My cracked lips opened and I gulped in a breath of musty air, the sounds of the vent exploding into life as I stood ungracefully in the also yellowing bath tub. The water crashed down, back into the overflowing bath, the floor unexpectedly getting hit with one of the mini wives. The tile suddenly glossed over with the water, the bath rug acting as an instant sponge swallowing whatever water it came in contact with.


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