Love is never bad only corrupt-(a Draco Malfoy love story)

sooo im going to start writing this story in one single story with chapters because its getting rather annoying making many parts..i hope its not a inconvenience ..... (:

and i am also so sorry for it taking so long. I've been busy and my life is majorly hectic! thank you all for waiting like you did and sorry its so short the next one will be longer and have more drama XD

Chapter 1

chapter 18


draco reached his hand out to me in the blackness surrounding us.his fingers were like ice but i clung to them like it was my life.then a sudden shudder passed through him.his eyes narrowed in disgust and he threw my hand away and turned his back on me whispering ."me and you together? ha thats impossible."


i moved my hands across the soft blanket underneath eyes seemed to not want to open lost in that dream.i let out a groan of anguish and forced my eyes open.a small room was before me.for a panicked moment i remembered the scene before i blacked out.a aching pain rose from my wrist and i stared down at the cut.

i sat up quickly on the bed and waited listening.soft footsteps sounded in the hall and the door opened.a blonde woman with stunning blue eyes walked in.her soft white dress flowed around her as she came to the side of my bed."ioh sweet heart dont strain yourself." she whispered.her voice had a thick french accent.

i stared at her in confusion."oh im sorry but im rons older brother's wife.yes its all very confusing but when you were brought here by harry and the others you were unconcious."she said.i jumped out of the bed before she could stop me and darted into the hall.

turning left i ignored her calls behind me.i stumbled into a small cottage like living room.harry ron and hermoine sat on the large couch in front of the fireplace.a blonde girl a distant look in her eyes i think had the name luna sat in the love seat.a tall red haired man with a russet look leaned against a chari in the dining room. harry loked up from his hands and immediatly came over to me.he wrapped me in a tight hug that i alowed stiffly.

he pulled away and ran a hand down my face.i flinched backwards and ron grabbed harry and pulled him back onto the couch."forgive hary ana...he's not himself right now." i looked away from them to the window.a cool beach was rolling towards a hill that the house sat on."we are to stay here until we can figure things out."hermoine whispered.i nodded and walked out the house aeveryone watched me in grief.they all knew how i felt.heart broken and lost.a empty shell.

th warm sea breeze unruffled my nasty thoughts and i knelt down on the soft grass overlooking the whispered silently like a lullaby.a low musical bubble of waves and world had spun out of control in such a short amount of time.i missed running through the ancient castles walls. Draco's fingers laced through mine.a hot tear fell down my cheek.i had to get back to him


he night air brushed my face.i welcomed it with a insane mad laugh.the others didn't know what i was about to do.i was risking it all.but i wanted to be with him.i had never apparated before.i could only guess at how to do it.hermoine had taught me a little about it while i traveled with them but not much.i watched the dark waves roll towards me.the sand was soft under my last look over my shoulder at the small cottage and i was gone.

i landed unsteadily on my feet.i turned in a wide circle to get my bearings.his room.exactly as i had left it.his scent lingered and touched the was warm as if he had just been in here.a commotion sounded downstairs.then a long howling scream.i stumbled backwards and fell hard on the ground.oh no.i had forgotten at the danger i had just put myself in.

someone pounded up the stairs but my heart didn't stutter with fear.i recognized that step.he opened the door and froze.icy like a frozen lake.i loved his eyes.he rushed over to me with a look of horror.not what i expected."hes going to kill you Anastasia!hes here!"his eyes were full of questions but he forced them down.they flooded with fear.i backed away from him.he was here?the dark lord?i slapped myself mentally."i-i-"i was cut off.fenrir forced his way in through the door.his haunting face would be smeared on my mind for eternity.

his eyes went wide when he saw me and grabbed my wrists. Draco hesitated torn between loyalty and love.i thrashed and kicked but his grip was iron. Draco pulled against me trying to get me free."let her go you beast!"fenrir pulled me backwards and out the door with a yank.i had just dropped myself into a war zone.

"touch her again and i'll kill her on the spot"fenrir growled.i was hauled backwards down the stairs.i strained against his grip.

the parlor was dimly lit. Lucius stood near the far wall.his eyes were dark and rimmed and his hair hung loosely down.sheer hatred flew over his features when he saw me.i flinched and stumbled backwards as fenrir let me go. Draco stood in front of me half hiding me.his shoulders tensed as the dark lord stood from his chair.the snakelike eyes watched me with amusement.

"i never thought i'd see you again Anastasia."he hissed.his dark cloak swirled around him as if made of shadows.he crossed the room towards me in a swift motion.he circled Draco in me his quick eyes assessing.a flick of his wrist and i fell to the floor writhing.pain arced over my body.i let out a scream. Draco dropped down on his knees and held me still as i thrashed."please stop it...please."his voice was faint. Lucius eyes gleamed with madness across the room.

"did you know shes pregnant?"the dark lord said as if i wasn't screaming and thrashing on the floor. the pain increased and i curled up on myself and shuddered. Draco's head snapped up."oh she didn't tell you?"the pain ceased and i gripped onto Draco quivering.a gasp escaped Lucius. Draco looked down at voice was faint."i didn't know."it was a pregnant?

my world had ended.i hadn't noticed the strange feeling going over me in the past weeks.i was to busy trying to survive. Draco's arms tightened around me."to bad she has to die.poor Draco you shouldn't have fallen in love with her."the dark lord turned his cold eyes on me.then we were gone.



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