A Girl Every Boy Wants- A Nruto story!

A Girl Every Boy Wants- A Nruto story!

this is a Naruto story the main Character is a chick so yea... please enjoy!

Chapter 1

Information & Chapter 1

-in the image that is our charatcter! so yea-
Name: Rikamara Yula
Personality: she has hyper moments, dramatic moments, emo moments, and dose wat she is told to do,but over all she is caring
History:there are going to beflash backs in the storyin the story...



I ran and ran dogging every kunia that was thrown at me.I looked back, 'no one there' I kept runing trying to keepa faster pace.
"Remember, remeber Yula!!!" i herd him yell. I ran and ran running to my mission. i ran for over hours untill i came to the village.
"Finally!" i said stoping in my tracks. i walked in untill some one called to me.
"Who are you? and why are you here?" a man asked i looked over at him
"I-I ran away...I'm from the cloud village...My...parents...they died" I lied ina sad small convinceing voice. he gave me a sad look.
"Here i'll take you to the Lord hokage..." he said taking my hand and leading me to a temple. as we entered the temple, i saw an old man.
**30 minutes later**
"Yula Rikamara, what level are you at in Ninja academy?" The Lord Hokage asked me.
"I dont know sir, my father taught me some moves but I dont know" i responed,
"I see...hmmm we will have you spar Iruka, he is one of the teachers for the Ninja academy" he said slowly.
"Can i see the, Academy...and maybe the students too???" i asked nicely.
"Yes, i'll bring you there" he said and walked me to an academy.
As we entered an empty room, with only a man there
"Iruka i have a new student for you but i'd like you to see what level she is at." the hokage said, Iruka nodded and the Hokage left, some bell rang and students came in...
>>>Naruto's Point Of View>>Rikamara's POV< <<
"I'm Uzumaki Naruto" i boy yell out, all my attention caught on him. 'there's my mission' i tought...

-know it short but i think its a good start so anyway, if i miss spell words or jumble them up thats my bad i have dyslexia so yea but other then that please comment and/or rate! thanks for reading!!!!!!-

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