A Sonamy Story (Chapter 3)

So the last chapter was sad. I'm sorry about that but in this part its going to happy and sad at the same time! There will be breakups in this part. You will so love this chapter hopefully.

Chapter 1

Cream's Birthday Part 1

Cream: Amy, guess what today is?
Amy: Friday, oh which reminds me I have to sing Friday by Rebecca Black (starts singing)
Cream: Yes its friday but don't listen to Rebecca Black
Amy: Good Point I hate her anyway
Cream: Well anything else on this special day
Amy: The day where we have school
Cream: Grrrrrrr (walks away)
Amy: (calls Tails) Hello
Tails: (pick up the phone) Hi Amy
Amy: So about Cream's birthday party
Tails: Cosmo, Sonic, and I are putting up the decorations at my house now
Amy: Alright I'll be right there
Tails: Wait what about Cream?
Amy: She thinks we have school so she walking there now (turns around and starts walking to Tails house)
Tails: Wait how did you get her to do that
Amy: I really don't know Tails
Tails: Ok well Sonic needs me so I'll see you over there (hangs up the phone)
Sonic: Who was that Tails
Tails: Amy
Sonic: Oh (cries a little)
Tails: Look Sonic I know what happened but you have to make up with Amy
Sonic: I know but what
Tails: Well remember that time she asked you to marry her and you ran away
Sonic: Yeah good times, woah I'm not asking Amy to marry me
Tails: Why
Sonic: First I'm not ready for marriage, Two, I have a girlfriend, and Third I rather marry you
Tails: I understand the first but the second, breakup with sluty Sally and third I would marry you but I'm not gay and I have a girlfriend
Sonic: Alright but how do i get Sally over here
Tails: Don't worry she coming over soon
Sonic: Tails I can't have Sally and Amy in the same room they will kill each other
Tails: True I'll have Amy set up the decorations with me and Cosmo while you breakup with Sally
Sonic: Thats good
Tails: Yep (hears the door knocking) I'll get it (opens the door) Hello
Sally: Hi Tails
Tails: Oh Hi Sally
Sally: (comes in and sees Sonic) Sonicbear how you doing (kisses him)
Sonic: Listen Sally we need to talk
Sally: What wrong Pookey Bear
Sonic: We need to (gets interrupted by the knocking)
Tails: (opens the door) Hi Amy
Amy: Hi Tails
Sonic: Hi Amy
Amy: (stucks her tongue at him)
Sally: So you were saying Baby
Amy: (gags) I think I'm going to throw up cause someone smells like a dead squirrel in here
Sally: Grrrrrr
Amy: Oh I'm sorry Sally I didn't know you were a squirrel
Sonic: (screams) Amy Rose I love you!
Amy and Sally: WHAT!?
Sonic: Amy I said I love you
Amy: You do?
Sonic: Yes I've always been in love with you
Amy: Oh Sonic (hugs him)
Sally: Sonic how could you love Amy, you love me I'm so much sexier and hotter than Amy
Sonic: You're also sluty so I could never go out with you
Sally: GRRRRRRR (walks out of the house)
Cosmo: The party ready we have to call Cream and everyone here so
Tails: I'll do it (calls Cream)
Cream: Hello
Tails: Hi Cream, so where are you
Cream: I'm going to my house
Tails: Can you stop at my house, I forgot to give you your history copybook back
Cream: Alright I'll be right there (hangs up and walks to Tails house)
Tails: She coming
Sonic: This is the best day ever cause I got my new girl Amy
Amy: Oh Sonic (blushes)
Cosmo: (looks at the window) Creams coming
Tails: (shuts of the lights and everyone hides)
Cream: Tails you in there (knocks on the door and its opens, walks in) Hello anyone here?
Tails, Cosmo, Sonic, Amy: SURPRISE
Cream: THank you everyone (gets all happy)
Tails: No problem (hugs her)
They all started dancing and having a great time and than Amy looks at the starts outside
Amy: (sits outside and looks at the stars) They're so beautiful
Sonic: (sneaks up behind her) Boo!
Amy: Nice try Sonic
Sonic: Worth a shot (sits down with her and looks at the stars)
Amy: Arn't they beautiful
Sonic: Yes they are like you
Amy: Sonic (looks at him and leans into kiss him)
Sonic: (leans in to kiss Amy)
Eggman: Sorry to interrupt your romance Sonic but its time to fight
Sonic: Eggman what are you doing here
Eggman: Came back to defeat you (gets out a big robot)
Sonic: (gets ready to fight)
Eggman: (laughs) ok than (the robot grabs Amy)
Sonic: AMY!
Eggman: (makes the robot fly away with Amy) you'll never get Amy now
Sonic: GRRRR (flies up in the air but the robot pushes Sonic down on the ground)
Amy: SONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sonic: AMY!
(Robot is far away and goes to Eggman house far away)
Sonic: NO!!!! (cries alot)
Will Sonic be able to rescue Amy
Stay Tune for Part 2


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