Life can be so cruel........but this is not the answer

This is something that I have just read and in all honesty it almost mader me cry not a lot of things can do that....

Chapter 1

death is not the answer

Why do they do this to me? What did I ever do to them to make them hate me? Am I just some kind of sick entertainment to them?

Would it even matter if I was dead?

Ashley thought all of these things over and over as she cried herself to sleep the night. She'd been bullied and abused her whole life, either by her family, the bigger kids at school, or even her friends. Her arms bled slightly from cutting them so much, and tears traced lines down her face like thinning rivers.
Her eyes fluttered open. She had nothing left. No tears to cry, no love in her heart, and no will to live. She didn't care about what would happen after she was gone. No one would probably notice she was anyway.
Dark thoughts and pure misery clouded her vision and thoughts as she reached a shaking hand into her dresser and pulled out a gun and a note. Laying the note on the bed, she lifted the gun.
She felt the pressure of the barrel on her temple and smiled for the first time in years. Pulling her finger back on the trigger slowly she felt blissful, but all of a sudden, a flurry of images flew through her brain.
Her 5th birthday, when she's gotten a new doll and her mom's happy face watching her open it. Her boyfriend, Mark kissing her on the cheek after prom.

Her brother Brian's funeral and how she's felt after he went suicide.


In where last few seconds of life, Ashley fell to the floor looking at the pool of blood slowly forming around her head. As she slipped away silently, a single tear fell from her eye for the last time.
/I'm sorry... /


Footsteps rushed up the stairs to Ashley's room. Her mother screamed, and cried onto her father's shoulder. Her 6 year old brother, Tod walked over to her limp form and hugged her.
"Why isn't Ashwee moving Mommy? Is she sleeping? Why is there blood all over the place?" Her father knelt down by Tod and hugged him, tears now rolling down his cheeks.
"Ashley won't be with us anymore, Toddy." he whispered.
"No!" Tod said, backing away. "She'll wake up, right Mommy?" But his mom just shook her head, unable to speak. Tod looked at them both in shock and sadness. Then he raced over the Ashley's body again and shook her.
"Wake up Ashwey! Come on! Get up!!" he screamed until his dad pulled him away. He was still whimpering when Ashley's mom called the police to report what happened. Then he spied the note on the bed.

The next day, Ashley's mom went to her school. Her eyes were red and puffy from all of the crying last night, and her voice shook. The principal called an assembly, and the whole student body attended as Ashley's mom stood in front of them.
"Today, I-I came to tell you that my daughter, Ashley has c-committed suicide." a hush went through the crowd as they realized how serious this assembly was.
"I don't know what happened. Or who is was that made her do this, but sh-she left us this note before she...k-killed herself..." the opened the now tear splotched note and began to read.

/I'm sorry, but I just can't take it anymore. My life was meaningless anyway. Why else would people bully me? I'm going to a better place now. Tell Mark I truly loved him, and not to miss me when I'm gone. I'm sure he'll find a better girl than me soon.
And toddy, I'm just going to be asleep for a very long time. So don't miss me okay? I'll meet you up in heaven, pinky swear.

even if you didn't like me, I never hated any of you. I guess I was the problem, so now you guys should have easier lives.
Goodbye, to anyone who cares,

Love, Ashley/

Her mother held the note to her heart, grasping the last piece that she had of her daughter for dear life. The whole school was in shocked silence. Then out of no where, one of the bullies started to cry. then another, and another. They realized that they had pushed a girl to her death, and now they were paying for it with their guilt. Ashley would never come back.

I wrote this to remind everyone that suicides happen all the time, and that once you give life up, you can't get it back. Don't think that you won't be missed. It's in comomoration of world suicide day. Please, remember that suicide isn't the answer.

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