An original story, NOT a fanfic, that I'm playing around with, because,
A) I'm a huge horror geek,
B) I have a weird fascination with zombie movies, and
WARNING: Some chapters may include violence, horror, sêxual references, and coarse language. Beware. That means you Caitlin!!! XD

Chapter 1

It all started with a flu...

It was fatal.

Even when it first started out, the disease was fatal.

I guess it all started out with the disease- something they called the mono-pâle-plague, which, roughly translated from french to english, meant one pale, which was in relation to what the disease did to you.

It sucked at your insides, at your essence.
Drop by drop it bled you dry,
Tear by tear it made you cry,
Pale stricken not the young,
They be din for ready hung.

That was a poem that had been written about the famous plague, but no one else but my father.

That had been so, so long ago, in a world different to ours now.

A world where the disease hadn't happened yet, where we were all healthy, all mortal.

That was the thing about my family.

Though we were mortal, we certainly weren't normal- not our genes.

You see the cure had been perfected long ago, by my great, great, great something-or-other grandfather. Unfortunately the apparent "cure" had taken a turn for the worst on him- he had died shortly after. The thing was, though, that he had gotten his wife pregnant after drinkning his own mixture...I know. Idiot.

That was my first theory on why I was immune to the virus- my history.

I had no way of knowing if that was true or not- not yet, at least. You see thats why I was on the road with my best friend, Kate.

I had my theories about Kate, too, about why she had been immune.

I guess I needed to explain a little better, seeing as how I was going to narrate this whole thing once we had cured the nation.

Basically; and I know I was starting to sound like a broken record here; it had all started with the "cure" to disease. A scientist- doctor Howard Brunswick- had apparently perfected it, and it became compulsory for all people- male or female, child or adult- to take the injection.

Well, it worked. I was immune to disease now, and didn't age.
The rest of me worked perfectly fine though, and the fact that I didn't age didn't mean that I didn't die. The one thing that I was not immune to was a bite.
One bite, and Kate and I were gone.

After everyone got the shots, basically the entire world caught the virus: mono-pâle. The first thing it did was drain you of your essence. I had to sit idly by while most of the world turned pale, most of the world lost weight, blood, and appetite.

It happened to different people at random moments, taking them by shock. My family and I waited in fear for it to start happening to us, too. But the thing was, it didn't. I was still 17 when the day came that the virus took over.

Firstly, the virus took away your mortality. You became immortal.
Next, it took away your morality. Crime sprees broke out throughout the city, innocent people started getting kiled. But that wasn't the worst of it.
Next the virus started to eat away at your brain. You lost all memories of family, friends, and life. You lost sense of yourself, of the world. You lost most of your intellegence: all except your cunning.
Finally, the virus ate away at you. Your skin disolved, pussed, blistered, boiled: everything. Your eyes became flat and black, you lost your hair. Your cartilage disappeared: but your senses heightened.

Which made the victims of mono-pâle the deadliest predators on earth.

I guess you could call them undead. Immortal. Monsters? Sure. But we had another word for them.


There were a lot of myths and misconceptions about zombies.

Were they slow? Myth. They were fast as hell.

Were they stupid? Myth. Though they couldn't comprehend or maintain normal human conversation or speech, they were cunning, devious.

Were they contagious? Very. Like I'd said: One bite.

Were they hungry? You'd better believe it.

And they were hungry for us.

Kate and I had only ran in to a few or so other survivors. We had fought beside one: Violet. Violet hadn't made it.

Kate and I were fully equipped with a big ass vehicle. And weapons. Lots of em. When the zombies attacked, they attacked hard .

So you had to be prepared.

We were.

Around the time the virus started to take its toll, the few of us who were still sane discovered our immunity.
Though, tradgically, not a lot of us survived.

It was rare to ever run in to anyone not plagued anymore.

It was hard to trust anyone.

Kate's entire family caught the virus, but somehow Kate was immune. I saved her that day- the day her own mother tried to kill her.
Since then, we've been together every single day.

My family and I set off on the road, after it was rumoured that there was one place that hadn't been plagued, full of protection and survivors. My brother had turned on us half way through this journey, and my mother had sent Kate and I off in the midst off all of this. Kate and I had taken off with a gun each, and never looked back.

I still had some hope that somewhere, my family was still alive.

So now Kate and I were on the road, looking for whatever sign of life there was.

Not that there was any.


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