Ace of Spades

This is a Criminal Minds story I thought of one night while sleeping :)
Caitlin: 5'10'', shoulder length red-blonde hair, blue eyes
You know what the rest of the characters look like :)
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Unless specifically stated, the story is from Caitlin's point of view.

Chapter 3


Finally! An action-packed(ish) chapter! This is your reward for sitting through 2 boring chapters. Please enjoy and comment :)

The rising sun's light peaked through my bedroom curtains and shone gently on my closed eyes. My alarm sounded off at the same time as usual, 5:00 am, which woke me from my first perfect sleep, one that wasn't full of nightmares or memories from the past, but one that was full of nothing, just blackness. Shooter is laying at the foot of my bed, his eyes opened with alertness.
"Hey boy," I say quietly, "Want some food?" I pull the sheet off me and step onto the carpeting. He treds to me and knudges my ankles, that's a yes.
We walk into the kitchen, I pour him some water and give him some kibble, then I sit down at the table and eat some Cheerios. Like always, Shooter inhales his food and then comes and sits at my feet. Two minutes later, I'm done eating and start getting prepared for another day of work at the BAU. It's now 5:20, about the same time I leave every morning. I let Shooter out and assure him I'll be back. I walk to my car and am disappointed at what I see.
"You've got to be kidding me!" I say angrily. My back tires are slashed. They were new too, ugh. I hear something moving in my hedges, so I turn around to find that nothing is there. Stupid teenagers, probably did this as some kind of dare or prank. I'm about to pull out my cell when a muscular arm reaches around me tightly. This can't be happening. It. Just. Can't. I think to reach for my gun, but I left it in my car, along with my badge.
"LET GO!!!" I scream. I try to elbow the man, but he's holding on too tightly. He pulls out something from his pocket, I'm not sure yet. I quickly dial in 1, Speed dial for Reid's cell, before I feel something enter my jugular. I can feel something cold coursing through my veins, and before I know it, I'm back in the blackness, my new nightmare.

Reid's POV

I"m at my desk, reading a book, waiting for a new case to be presented when my phone rings. I pull it out of my pocket and see it's Caitlin.
"Hello?" I ask.
"Sorry, wrong number." I hear a man say, then hear a click. Something wrong's going on here. Derek is walking towards my desk.
"Derek," I say as I stand. His face changes, and he senses the hint of nervousness and worry in my voice. "Caitlin's in trouble."
"What makes you think that?"
"Well, she just called but... it wasn't her on the other line; it was a man."
"What did he say?"
"'Sorry, wrong number.'"
"Then it was probably a mistake. Yah must've just read the number wrong."
"I have caller I.D! Her name was in the screen!" Why does Derek have to be so difficult?! Can't he see the signs, afterall he is a profiler.
"Phones can make errors kid, she's probably on her way here right now." he turns and walks away, shaking his head. God, it's taking all my will power to keep from yelling at him. Then again, I suppose he could be right about my phone screwing up; technology does have its faults. My gut's still telling me that my worst thoughts are what is truely going on.
I call Caitlin about 10 more times within the half hour period before Garcia comes to my desk and hands me a file.
"New case. We're gonna meet in... now, actually." she turns away but must have remembered something, because she turns back to me. "Oh yeah, um, have you seen Caitlin? I've been trying to look for her for the past five minutes." I feel a bead of sweat roll down the side of my face.
"No, I tried calling but she didn't pick up."
"Oh, she's probably home sick. Well, everyone else is waiting, let's get going." I was hestitant to get up from my desk, but I forced myself to. We walked into the conference room and I sat down while Garcia stood at the screen.
"Where's Caitlin?" Hotch asked. Garcia shrugged her shoulders.
"Alright," Garcia starts. "Three women have been abducted before work in the past two weeks; all of them found dead within a few days of abduction. It looks like they were forced to survive in the wilderness because there are cuts on their feet and hands, and the cause of death was loss of blood due to animal-inflicted wounds. They also each had a different suit of cards carved on their left shoulders.
The only things these women have in common are their age and that they were all in the same graduating class; the killer left a yearbook at each of their homes." At that moment, the one where Garcia clicked the remote to go the yeatbook pictures, was the instant I knew my worst assumptions were right.
"That's Caitlin; in the bottom right corner." I said shakily, finding it impossible to swallow. I see 14 year old Caitlin smiling, although I sense the smile was fake, and don't get the same warm feeling as I do when she smiles in more recent times. The team looks at the screen in horror for just a few seconds before snapping back into reality.
"Wait a minute," Derek says,"Caitlin graduated four years earlier than she should have, making her four years younger than the other victims."
"Damn it Derek, why the hell isn't she here with us right now, huh? Sure, maybe she was four years younger, but they were in the same graduating class, and it explains why I got the phone call from her; she was calling for help!" I can feel my voice rise with anger.
"Reid." I can just barely hear Emily say.
"You're making excuses so that you can feel better about yourself; so that you don't have to completely feel at fault for this! But you know how wrong you were, and you know you should have listened to me!" Everyone looks at me with widened eyes, and I see how hurt Derek looks. It's so silent in the room, you could hear a pin drop.
"I-I'm sorry; I-" I apologize before I fly out the room. I keep my head down and speed-walk down the hallway, ignoring Hotch yelling my name, not knowing quite where to go, but decide on driving to Caitlin's house first. I go down to the garage and get into a sleek black SUV. I speed off onto the highway; easily breaking the speed limit by 20 mph. I know I will be in trouble with Hotch and Derek for a while, but I don't care about this now, and won't until I... I mean, we find Caitlin.
I arrive at Caitlin's house about twenty minutes later. I slam the car door shut and walk over to her car, and I scan my eyes to find that the back tires are slashed. On the side walk next to the car is Caitlin's cell phone, and some drops of blood; the better be the UnSub's. I'm careful not to touch anything because the crime scene units still need to get out here and gather any evidence they can get.
I can hear three SUVs coming but I don't turn to look at them, knowing that Derek's in one of them. I know now that I shouldn't have reacted like that, but I'm still al little angry at him for not listening. I hear the SUV doors open and close.
"Reid." I hear Hotch say to me, then feel his firm grip on my right shoulder. "There is no excuse for blowing up like that, it was-"
"I know, it was really uncalled for, and I'm sorry for making a scene." I don't dare look him in the eye.
"I'm not the one that needs to be apologized to. If we're going to find Caitlin, we need to work together and get along." I lift my head, and see Derek pausing at the front door to look at me. I look back at Hotch.
"I know, I better go do that." I say before slipping into the house.
"Here's the yearbook." Derek says to Emily, both unaware of my presence.
"Hey Derek?" I say quietly.
"Yeah kid?" he says after a moment.
"I uh... want to apologize-"
"I know, it's ok, just, don't do that again, actually scared me a bit."
"I can't imagine you being scared, especially of me." A small smile forms on my face.
"Well imagine it kid." Derek smiles."Now let's find Caitlin."
"Sounds good to me."

Sorry it's so short! I wanted to get this out to you guys so uh... yup. Thank you all for reading! If you liked it, friend me and recommend my story to your friends (shamless sentence) Next chapter will be out within a couple weeks!!

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