Ace of Spades

This is a Criminal Minds story I thought of one night while sleeping :)
Caitlin: 5'10'', shoulder length red-blonde hair, blue eyes
You know what the rest of the characters look like :)
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Unless specifically stated, the story is from Caitlin's point of view.

Chapter 2


Just a quick note, this is a year after the first chapter, in case some of you get confused. Enjoy (Sorry, but this one isn't quite exactly action packed either)

I'm at my desk and still feel worn out from this morning. We had been in Longview, Washington; there was a serial killer that would kill childeren and then practice completing autopsies with their bodies. I was with the killer (I didn't know it was him at the time) when Derek called to let me know this was our UnSub. The UnSub must have overheard or something 'cause after that he charged and tackled me over while throwing in an occational punch. It took a while for me to grab my gun, but once I did I had no choice but to shoot him, he kept trying to attack me, and I warned him I would use force if he didn't stop, I didn't kill him though. If the bullet had been one centimeter to the right he would've been deader than a doornail.
Right now I'm filling out a case report. God I hate doing these. The longer I look at this paper, the blurrier it's gonna get. I stand up when Spencer walks to my desk.
"You doing ok?" he asks, not bothering with an introduction.
I smile and say, "Geez, you guys worry way to much. Trust me. I'm fine."
"You sure?"
"I could smack you right now. But I won't."
"Hey so, you remember what today is right?"
"Um, Tuesday?"
"No, I mean what's the signifigance of this day?"
"Another creep was put away for good."
"Nope-well, yes but not the reason I'm looking for."
"God, I don't have all those random little tidbits of information stored in my brain like you Spencer. Give me a hint."
"It involves you." I stand and think hard. I seriously can't think of what's so special about today.
"I give up."
"Caitlin Whiting? Giving up? Well, I suppose there's a first for everything."
"Geez, can you just tell me already?"
"You have now officially worked here for one year." Oh, I knew that. But I don't see why that's so special.
"Why is it so special?" I'm not sure why but Spencer looks as if he was just hurt.
"It's the day our family became whole." I feel my heart stop. I knew Spencer was sensative and I somehow was able to neglect the fact that we are a family. It's the only one I've come to know.
"Oh, I didn't...really think of my hiring like that."
"So you don't think that we're a family?"
"N-no! I do! Trust me, I do! You guys are the best family a person could have." I hug Spencer firmly. "And I wouldn't trade you guys for anything in the world." I can feel Spencer putting his hands on my back, they're cold, just like always.
"I wouldn't either." he says quietly. I pull apart from our embrace and smile to show him I'm truly honest.
"Tonight we were thinking of celebrating at Lucky Pat's Pub. You know where I'm talking about right?"
"Yeah." I answer.
"Everyone's going to be there at 9."
"Ok. I'll make sure I get there on time."
"See you then." he smiles at me before he walks away.
I've never celebrated anything in my life, maybe my birthday was celebrated when I was one or two years old, but I wouldn't have remembered. My parents were murdered when I was about two, and I didn't have any living relatives so I went from foster parent to foster parent. Unfortunately they all weren't kind, in fact, none of them were; that's why I wasn't in one household for longer than five months. So I don't know how to act or what to do.
I try to focus on my report but I'm just too distracted, so it takes me an hour to finish. I leave the building without saying good bye to the security guard. We haven't quite gotten along since my first day. He probably hates me 'cause I work here and I'm alive. He gives me the same glare and doesn't say a word. I walk to my car without thinking of the guard and drive away.
I take a different route to get home than the last time I drove to work on Saturday, and I'll take a different route to get to Lucky Pat's Pub. Taking the same route, doing the same routine is what serial killers look for.
Once I get home, I'm greeted by Shooter; he jumps on me and licks my face countinuely. In the past year he hasn't matured a bit; he's still his same old hyper self. I wish he'd grow out of that. He loudly barks to my face while I'm still on the ground (yes, he still knocks me to the floor when he jumps, get over it) and then he runs towards his tennis ball.
"Ok Shooter, I've got time." I get up off the grass and grab his ball, then I chuck it to the farthest corner of the backyard. He bolts towards the ball like his butt was on fire. Less than a minute later he brings back the ball and barks happily. I pick up the ball and throw it once again. We continue doing this for almost half an hour before we get exhausted. I walk into the kitchen and grab a bottle of water from the fridge and chug the whole thing down. I look at the clock and see that it's 6:30. I decide to start getting ready, because I know it'll take me an hour to get to the pub, so that leaves me an hour and a half to get ready. I doesn't usually take me long to get ready but I want to make sure I look somewhat decent.
After taking a shower, getting my hair dried, and putting on a different outfit, a tank top and some jeans that have swirly designs going down the sides of my legs, I'm ready to leave. I leave Shooter in the backyard and assure him I'll be back soon. He nudges my knee with his nose and wimpers.
"Gosh, what's your problem boy? Are you feeling ok?" I ask, squating down to his eye level. I see it in his eyes. He thinks I'm leaving for a couple days again. Ever since I got my job at the BAU I haven't been able to spend alot of time with him.
"It's ok boy. I'm only going to be gone a couple of hours." I scratch behind his ears and see that he closes his eyes. "I love you Shooter. And don't forget it." I smile and walk out of the backyard and to my car that's parked in front of my house. Once I'm on the highway I can see how beautiful the sunset is, with its soft pinks, warming oranges, and golden yellows. And I am graced with it's presence for the entire drive to the pub.

When I arrive, I see the cars of my teammates and a bunch other people whose names I will never know. The sound of drunken men laughing and yelling (I really can't tell the difference) flood my ears the second I open the door. I can smell alcohol and deep-fried food. I sit down at the bar counter and ask the bartender for a glass of water.
"Hey, you showed up!" Derek says happily with his famous grin.
"You seriously had a doubt that I wouldn't come?" I smile back. The bartender sets down the water next to me.
"Water? You've got to be kidding me." he sits down next to me.
"What? What's wrong with water?"
"You've seriously got to loosen up and have some fun. Hey bartender! Give me a Cosmopolitan."
"On it."
"What's that?" Now Derek is laughing his butt off.
"It's a cocktail."
"I thought they didn't sell those at pubs?"
"Well this one does." About a minute later, the bartender comes with my Cosmopolitan and put it down next to the water. It smells like citrus. I'm still hesitant to try it.
"Go on, drink it. It won't kill you." I give him my "I am seriously considering of killing you." look, but that only makes him laugh again. I sigh and pick up my glass and put it up to my lips.
"Oh my gosh! She's going to drink something other than water and coffee!" I can hear Emily say excitedly. I look at her and give her the same stare, making her smile; I can tell she's trying to supress a laugh. I close my eyes and let the cool drink go down my throat.
"It doesn't taste bad." I say, and then take another sip of this wonderful tasting drink. Derek and Emily both cheer. I set down my now empty glass on the counter.
"Bye the way, I have had alcohol before. It was beer, and I hated it."
"Why? 'Cause of the hangover?"
"No; it tasted horrible!" Spencer walks to the counter and sits down on the other side of me.
"You came." he says gladly.
"I told you I'd be here."
"How long have you been here?" he asks.
"About five minutes."
"Oh Spencer, Caitlin finally drank something other than her usual water or coffee!" Emily exclaims.
"What was it?"
"A Cosmopolitan." Derek says proudly.
"That's a kind of cocktail right?" Spencer asks.
"Yup." I answer. He finally sees me empty cup.
"You drank that already?"
"Yeah. It was actually pretty good." I smile.
"Want another one?" Derek asks.
"Nah I'm good. But thanks for offering." I pull out my wallet to pay for the drink. Derek puts his hand on my wallet and pushes it down.
"Ah-ah-ah, this one's on me." he says.
"Well thanks then." I say. Emily taps me shoulder and says,
"Hey, JJ, Garcia and I could use one more player for darts. You in?"
"Sure, why not?" she grabs my hand and pulls me over to the dart board. JJ and and Penelope's faces light up when they see us.
"Yay! You came!" Penelope squeals before she gives me a giant hug.
"/Gosh/! Did you all have doubt I wouldn't come?!"
"Maybe just a little. You're even more socially akward and solitary than Reid. Before you came along, we didn't think that was possible!" JJ laughs.
"Am I seriously that bad?" I can feel my some blood rush to my cheeks.
"Yes." all three of them answer with huge grins. Gosh, I'm not that bad, at least I don't think so.
"So, we gonna play?" I ask.
"Yeah, as long as you don't care that you get your butt kicked." JJ says.
"I don't think so, I bet I'll win." I dare.
"Ohhh! You're betting with the wrong person Caitlin." Emily warns.
"Hey, if she wants to bet, let her bet, even if she's gonna lose." JJ says while looking at me. She then says, "This one is just going to be us." I can tell this is going to be a challenging game, because I heard she is like the champion of darts. But somehow I think I'm going to win, even though I've never played before, I know how to, just never bothered trying it.
Half an hour later I've won by a couple of points. My face is now red from laughing at the face JJ is making; it's hilarious! Her mouth is wide open and her eyes are wide and staring at the dart board.
"H-how??" she stutters.
"I played better than you." I say after laughing. JJ gives me a death stare which makes me go back to laughing once again. Oh god, my cheeks hurt.
"I've gotta go." Penelope says.
"How come?" I ask.
"Its getting late." she replies. Emily looks over at the clock behind the counter.
"It's only 10!"
"Well, that's late for me. Goodbye my darlings." she says before she kisses all of our foreheads. I scan around the pub and realize something.
"Where's Hotch?" I ask.
"He's spending time with Jack." A drunken man bumps my back hardly.
"What the h*** was that for?!" he turns to my face and yells, the smell of beer stings my nose. The pub goes silent.
"Sir calm down." Emily asserts.
"Only until this b**** appologizes!!" he barks louder.
"I'm sorry you bumped into me." I say.
"Thank you." he says grumpily, and then drudges back to the counter and yells for another beer. I absolutly can NOT see why people like that stuff. The pub starts to fill back up with voices and laughs.
"Wait, did you say 'I'm sorry you bumped into me'?" JJ says with a slight smile on her face.
"H'yeah, not like he'll be able to tell the difference in his condition." Then we all start laughing again. After laughing, we all play a game of darts with Derek and Spencer. I let JJ win, so I get second place, with Spencer getting third, Emily getting fourth, and Derek ultimately losing.
"Hey, I let you guys win." he says.
"Uh-huh, sure." JJ rolls her eyes and all of us laugh, Derek included. I see that it is now 11 o'clock, how did it get so late?
"I think I'm gonna go." I say.
"Same here." Spencer and JJ say. We all say our goodbyes and then I walk out the door. The full moon lights the parking lot like a stage. I turn around to see Spencer walking out.
"Hey Caitlin?" he says.
"What is it?" I respond. He walks to me and looks me straight in the eyes.
"Thanks for coming."
"I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Anytime with my family is precious, so I'll take it any hour of the day." I smile. "See you tomorrow, Spencer." I say before hoping into my car.
"See yah." he says. Once I get home I let Shooter in and get into shorts and a tank top, then hop into bed. The instant my head hits the pillow, I fall into a deep sleep; the first time in my life.

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