This is an origanal story. I need help, though. Please read it, I'll give you cookies!!!

Chapter 1

Characters and Plot

My story will be set in modern-day US. The characters, all kids, will be "Specials", trained from birth for some special skill, power, or anything like that. There can be Wizards, Flyers (people who can fly on their own without wings), Gormers (super special thieves, you don't even notice that they've stolen something until you need it), Glimmers (really beautiful people who can make you do whatever they want, they're so entrancing), Scarletts (people who can set anything on fire by just looking at it and thinking 'I wanna set THAT on fire'), Shifters (people who can change their shape form human to any animal), Morphs (people who can change how they look), and a whole bunch of other stuff.

They're trained individually, but over time, the group is brought together at Special headquarters, in Atlanta, Georgia.

You can come up with a special power thing for your character if the one you want isn't up there. But please, message me and ask if I approve first. I'll make up a name for it.

Anyway, these kids are trained so they can defeat the Darke Power, Jstsu Amia and his minions, who are basically Wizards, but they are linked to Jstsu Amia through blood. They're called the Borleas.

You can submit a character to be in the story if you want, you just have to give me this information:
Nickname if you want one:
Looks (no pics, please!!):
Past & Personality:
Extra Stuff:

This is mine:
Name: Grettal Brendan
Nickname if you want one: Grett
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Power: She's a Scarlett.
Looks (no pics, please!!): Long wavy red hair, brown eyes, tan, tall, and skinny.
Past & Personality: Grett was born in a small town in Alabama. Her parents gave her up because they knew she was special and, well, the Scarlett trainers kinda threatened them. Grett is smart, brave, daring, and a total pyro, of course. She's afraid of Jstsu Amia, spiders, and water. Grett will do anything to help and protect the rest of the Specials and defeat Jstsu Amia.
Extra Stuff: None, all I need to know. :D

And this is my friend Beth's:
Name: Ayre Triumph
Nickname if you want one: None.
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Power: She's a Glimmer
Looks (no pics, please!!): Very long sandy brown hair, hazel eyes, short.
Past & Personality: Ayre is a lovely girl who has had wayyy too many boyfriends. Her father abused her, and so did her last boyfriend, a boy named Darrin. Back then, she didn't know of her powers or how to use them, so she had no way of defending herself. Despite this, she believes in true love and thinks that she'll find hers someday. She's scared of Shifters and being disliked.
Extras: None

Thanks, and submit your characters!!!! Specials!!!!!!!!!!!

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