~ ♥ ~ The Smallest Things Have Beauty ~ ♥ ~

By HelloAngel . <3

Chapter 1

An angel .

by: Catalepsi
Written by an angel .

You're walking across a field . a vast field of tulips, carnations, roses, every flower you can imagine . when suddenly you come across one flower that leaves you standing there in awe . it's so small but so beautiful, so ... perfect . it's five petals are the softest shade of sky blue, their tips so elegantly lightend to white and pointed just to your liking . the middle is a buttery, warm gold, the kind that dazzles . it's stem is dark green and perfectly straight, the most strong looking, sharp, perfectly curved thorns marring it. one simple thing, but it brings your heart beauty .

A girl walks around school, alone, everyday . her hair is long and golden, straight down her slender back . her body has the perfect amount of curves, her unblemished skin a brilliant tan . her eyes are lined with smokey black shadow, eyeliner , and mascara, her lips painted with the most light shade of gloss . her irises are a brilliant hazel . but she is alone because all the girls see her as a filthy whore and the guys see her as a sex object . no one wants her for her. she is beautiful on the outside but no one cares, all they see is her slutty short shorts , too tight tank top and high heels . she just wants to be noticed . but she cant change now, she'll look like a poser . a fake . she wants someone to call her beautiful . she is beautiful . on the outside . and on the inside, truly . she doesn't judge people . no matter what . she loves everyone, even her tormentors, because she is a saint . but no one cares . she holds the blade to her wrists and cries hard as she cuts . her starves herself and over excersises . her dad beats her and her mom is an alcoholic . her brother is dead, and her sister finds her revolting . one night she shoots herself . she just can't stand it anymore .

Please take this into consideration . <333
it's a true story.
she was my best friend.

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