A Sonamy Love Story (Chapter 2)

Knuckles, Shadow, Sally, Tails, Cream, Cosmo and Amy and maybe other people are in this one. I made sure Knuckles in this one and so is Shadow cause everyone loves him!!!!

Chapter 1

First Day at Emerald High Part 2

Sonic: I'm such an idiot, why did I just do that?
Tails: Hey Sonic whats wrong
Sonic: I screwed up with Amy
Tails: What did you do?
Sonic: I told her I didn't love her and I made her cry
Tails: Sonic just tell amy you love her
Sonic: But I'm with Sally
Tails: So I'm with Cosmo and I like Cream
Sonic: You like Cream?
Tails: I love Cream even though she six
Sonic: I'll make a deal with you I'll tell Amy that I love her if you tell Cream the same way!
Tails: Its a deal (puts out hand)
Sonic: (puts out hand and shakes Tails hand) Good to have you around
Tails: No problem Buddy, oh I gotta go Cosmo calling me (runs over to Cosmo)
Meanwhile in the Hallway
Amy: (cries really bad)
Cream: Amy don't cry
Amy: I have to Sonic told me he doesn't love me (keeps crying)
Cream: Amy don't worry just calm down
Amy: (screams) I will always hate Sonic the Hedgehog!
Cream, Tails, Sally, Knuckles, Cosmo: AMY!
Amy: I'm sorry but its true (keeps crying)
Shadow: Come here Amy (gives her a hug)
Amy: Thanks Shadow (hugs him back)
Knuckles: Shadow can I talk to you for a second (grabs Shadow)
Shadow: What?!
Knuckles: What are you doing, it looks like you're trying to get Amy to fall for you.
Shadow: Well duh, I've always loved her and this is my chance cause she doesn't love Sonic anymore
Knuckles: Ok well don't come crying to me when she says no to you
Shadow: Whatever (walks into class)
Cosmo: Amy would you say such a thing!?
Amy: Cause Sonic said he didn't love me so I hate him
Cosmo: Amy you are crazy sometimes so I have to get to class (walks into the classroom)
Amy: I'm not crazy, am I Cream
Cream: When it comes to Sonic yes but other than that I love you like a sister
Amy: I feel the same way about you Cream
Cream: Well I have to get to class (walks to class with Tails)
Amy: (Starts walking to class)
Sonic: (runs over to Amy) Amy plzz talk to me!
Amy: I'll never talk to you Sonic the hedgehog (keeps walking)
Sonic: Amy please I'm sorry
Amy: I'll never forgive you Sonic, you hurt my feelings and that hurt
Sonic: I'm really really really sorry
Amy: I don't care about you anymore Sonic so go (keeps walking to class)
Sonic: (stops her) Amy Please!
Amy: NO! (slaps him)
Sonic: Amy plzzz (sees her go in the class and cries a little bit) I've always loved you (starts crying)


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