Age Ain't Nothing but a Number (A Michael Jackson Love Story)

Age Ain't Nothing but a Number (A Michael Jackson Love Story)

MJ love story by KeyKeynMJ and TeamJacobLuvsMj!
Hope y'all like it :P

This belongs to Keke and Ivana only!

Chapter 1

Written by Ivana!

by: MrsRadke
Kevana McCall: (glowing hazel eyes, smooth black & white skin with a bit of Indian in her, long naturally curly black hair, and the most dazzling smile) She's usually peer pressured into things because she wants to be popular but she never becomes part of the group because she won't do certain things they want her to do. She's envied by girls because of her looks but usually ignored by boys. She's kind to her elders and helps people in need (even giving up her $20 her parents gave her so they can get rid of her to a homeless person) but she still gets little attention. She's pretty much failing all of her classes except art and so on. She also is ignored by her parents, since they are always on business trips and never talk to her. As a result, she goes online to talk with people to try and fill that void.

I tapped my pencil rapidly on the edge of my desk as I waited for the last two minutes of English to end.
Mrs. Baker droned on and on about some project that we were assigned, and when it was due. I tried to block out her nasily voice as I waited to be saved by the bell.

......... Tick, tock, tick, tock......... One minute left.

As I continued tapping, I heard whispering from Aly and Hannah, who were two seats behind me; I leaned back to try and catch the last of what they were saying, " you've got to be kidding me! Who told you?" Aly pressed to Hannah quietly. Her voice was low, "Jason. But it wasn't like one of us wouldn't have figured it out eventually. I mean, let's be realistic here."

Figure what out? I wanted to turn around and ask, but that would just give her all the more reason to critisize me.

"Yeah, it's true. God, she even looks like one." Aly said as she snickered.

RRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGG! The bell loudly wailed. We all rose from our seats and exited, well tried to, at the same time. I stayed in the back of the group and waited until most of them filed out, I was just about to leave when Mrs. Baker yelled my name, "McCall!" Her stupid voice called to me.

I rolled my eyes and unwillingly turned around to walk back to her desk. I forced a smile onto my face and tried to use the most polite voice I could, "yes ma'am?" I asked innocently with a fake smile. She looked at me out of the top of her glasses, which I've always hated, "I see that you're missing," she looked down at the piece of paper on her desk, "four assignments from me. I'd like to know when I'm going to get them," she sort of snapped.

I thought momentarily about what I haven't turned in this semester, "what am I missing?" I asked when I couldn't remember.

She looked down again and ran her finger across the line with my name on it, "summaries for chapters six and seven for To Kill a Mocking Bird, your your choice tanka poem, and your four page report on John Adams," she finished.

I bit my lip, "um, I can get half of it to you by Monday." I lied. I immediatly regreted it.

She scoffed in sarcasm, "how about you have until Friday to get my all of it." She retorted.

"Sure......" I trialed off as I began backing out of the room. She didn't object, she only nodded sharply at me as I made my exit.

I made it to lunch just before the passing period bell rang throughout the cafeteria. I hurried to my usual table, which also had my best friends Kelsey and Briannah there aswell.

"Hey guys." I said tiredly as I slammed my books down, I didn't have enough time to drop them off at my locker.

"Where were you?" Kelsey asked me as she took a bite of her yogurt. We were always so used to meeting up at her locker, since it was in between mine and Briannahs.

I sighed, "Mrs. Baker was getting on me about how I need to have my assignments in by Friday."

"Or what will she do?" Briannah chimmed in.

"Don't know, don't care." I mumbled as I lie my head down on the cool lunchroom table.

"That's not good, Kevana, I don't want you to fail her class again," she scolded.

"What are you, my mom?" I snapped unintentionally. She shrank back and shook her head. "I'm sorry okay? I'm just...... mad. It's not that I can't do the work it's just.... well you know. And it's all really hard." I said as I sat up straight again. Kelsey rubbed my back in small circles, "it'll be alright," she tried to comfort me. It didn't work, I groaned again as I rested my head on her shoulder.

When I got home I plopped down on my couch in sorrow. The end of the day was worse than the beginning.
I unwantingly found out who Hannah and Aly were talking about; me. Remember when I metioned them whispering together in class? Yeah, it was about me........... liking other girls.
Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with people like that, but I'm not one myself. They claim they know I am because they saw me with my arm around Kelsey's waist........ It was just a hug! Gosh, they irritate me!

I began crying a bit at the thought. I quickly wiped my tears away enough to see clearly and stood up to walk into the kitchen. I went to the fridge and opened the door, there was a note from my mom.

Kevana, I'm going on a business trip for three days. Dad won't be back until late tonight, and he'll be tired so don't bother him for anything. There's food in the fridge. -Mom

I scoffed and rolled my eyes, she doesn't even say I love you anymore, I thought to myself. I shut the door from my sudden loss of appetite and jumped on top of the kitchen counter and exhaled loudly.

What to do, what to do....... Then I got it. I hopped off of the marble counter top and ran around the bend only to stomp violently up the stairs. I strode through the long hallway and into my safe zone; my room.

I quickly pulled out my swivel chair and sat down in front of my computer. I wiggled the mouse and waited for it to warm up, which only took about thirty seconds.
I paused for a couple more seconds before opening up internet explorer and immediatly going onto my favorite chat site, Hubble.

I exhaled loudly as I logged on and checked my message box, conviently enough I only had three new ones. The first was a message from this weirdo who's obsessed with World of Warcraft, whom I try to ignore when I'm online. The second and third were requests to be on my friends list, which just ment that they were at an easier access to chat with. They were from some people named Numuro_Uno and MikeyLicious. I was more intrigued by the second one but I still accepted both.

Afterwards, I turned around in my chair and stood up; I walked over to the mirror to check myself before chatting with someone. Yeah, it may seem silly, but think of it my way; these are my real friends, and I don't want to look crappy around them, right?
Thankfully my eyes weren't red, I hadn't been crying enough. I quickly fluffed up my hair and applyed a dab of blush to both of my cheeks. I rubbed on a bit of lip gloss for a special touch before heading back towards my computer. I sat down once again, just as I did, a chat request popped up from WorldOfWarcraftMaster, ugh, not this guy. I rolled my eyes and clicked deny. I can't stand talking to that guy anymore!
A few seconds later I got another chat request, still from him. Yet again, I denied it.

Johnny (WorldOfWarcraftMaster): Kevana, u on?/ He messaged me through text. Dang, I forgot he could do that.

Me: Duh, I'm on or else u wouldn't be chatting me.

Johnny: Oh, I forgot. Hehe.

Me: Is there anything u wanted? I'm kinda busy....
I lied easily.

Johnny: I wanted to talk.

Me: About what, Johnny?

Johnny: You joining WOW (World of Warcraft)

Me: K, bye!
Uninterested in the conversation anymore, I closed the chat window.

As I was going through my profile, checking the comments on my wall, I got yet another request to chat. I assumed it was the same guy trying to be a creep, and almost ex-ed it off, but when I looked it was someone different.

The guy who just friended me, MikeyLicious, was the one who was wanting to chat this time. I was a bit confused at who that might be, but I clicked accept anyways.

(A/N: Hi guys! It's Ivana :P Liking the story so far? Cause I'm not, but that's pretty typical, lol. I had something way better for the second half of it, but I forgot what it was and thus, it's not there, haha. Anyways, I promise you guys that Keke's chapter will be better than this, so be prepared for it! :D Bye!)

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