Chapter 1

Have you realized?? O_o

Okay, I thought I'd have a trip down memory lane to when I first join quibblo, who my friends were back then and who the people I though I would never forget have some how vanished.

I realized that we loose touch with the few people who loved us when we where total noobs and no one really cared about us cause we had no friends.

I want to tell you guys all something, go (espically to most populists of us) to the very first quiz/story you ever did, to the very first comment you ever had and if you have (like stupid me) lost contact with some people, go say hi to them casue there not worth losing.

Quibblos changed a lot since i've gotten here (i know lots of people are already saying this), and that was only this year! People have started no to care about each other, taking each other for granted and you never truly realize how much of a jewel someone is until they go.

Talking about going, I really hate it when people delete. I know its no my desicon to make but please, if you ever think about deleting, think about us :'( We don't want you to go! Leaving for a while and coming back when you have the time is just fine (mind you, you'll probably have a very full inbox!)

So I want all of you, well, I'm asking all of you to go back to your profile and go back to the person who was your first friend, if you haven't spoken to them in a long time, i think they miss you. I know i'm not that popular here but I have a lot of friends who I nearly forgot and just the thought of that makes me sad :'(.

I'm sorry to all those people I haven't talked to in a long time. To all those people who haven't replied to me, I probably forgot about that to but the moment I see a name on Quibblo of my friends, then I never forget it.

I know this is totally random and some of you are going, 'WTF is she talking about?' but to those people who understand, espically the people who are really popular or have been on hear for a long time, don't forget the ones who gave you the first push.

Never forget the jewels :')

Now! For a happier notice.....I want to start a 'adopt a newbie!' program were everybody adopts someone whos new and becomes there 'jewel'. Now the people who are reading this going, 'ADOPT A NEWBIE? WTF??!! you just get a new member on quibblo and basically tell 'em stuff about here and teach them how to do stuff. I mean, come on! I'm pretty sure most of you had one of these people too! :P I know this may sound like a joke and frankly I feel kinda weird writing it but seriously it would be nice and you get to make new friends so i'm doing it :)

Second Notice
GUYS!! PLEASE WRITE MORE STORIES!! EVERYONE OF YOUR STORIES ARE AMAZING AND I LOVE READING THEM!!! I'm pretty sure lots of other people agree with me on this :)

Third Notice
As I was casually strolling around memory lane, I saw something rather peculiar and asked myself what it was. I figured out that I have been diagnosed with a rather horrible disease called I-Can't-Finish-A-Story-Itis. If anybody else has this disease help will be given to those who need it.
Here is a little information from a guide I read:
1)Read over your story that you have first been plagued with this disease at and them ask yourself, CALMLY, "Were did it all go wrong?"
2) Consult your friends on weather you should write more cause they are you audience
3)Decide weather YOU want to write more
4) Write more or don't bother

More tips will be given in 'Artemis101's guide to fulfilling you story requirements in writing a story to get over your horrible disease'

Please inclose an order for and send it to my messages. if you have other problems please feel free to email me at Artemis101@Do-you-have-a-problem-dot-com?

Okay, thanks to anybody who has read this! I hope you guys have realized what I am trying to say casue I didn't make a whole lot of sense did I?

Anyways, until next time!!
I'm Artemis101 and frankly this is probably just a waste of your time! ;P
Bye :)

ps/ To anyone who didn't realize, the email mentioned in this post was not real and purely used for comedic purposes. I did not in anyway mock the email companies and nor will it actually work :)


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