Mikey Way Lost in Unicorn Land (A comedy/suspense/horror-filled MCR fanfic--NOT AS HAPPY AS THE TITLE SOUNDS!)

Mikey Way Lost in Unicorn Land (A comedy/suspense/horror-filled MCR fanfic--NOT AS HAPPY AS THE TITLE SOUNDS!)

READ THE FINAL STORY HERE: http://www.wattpad.com/story/1133966-mikey-way-lost-in-unicorn-land-watty-awards-2012
(I didn't want anyone copying it like they did to my MCR Ghost Story)

DON'T GET BORED IMMEDIATELY, it's just the BEGINNING!!! There's another thrilling adventure ahead. Seriously, I already planned it out. XD Yeah, only I know what's gonna happen next!!!

BTW, it's not just about Mikey, The other guys appear too!!!

Chapter 1

The Kid from Yesterday-- No, wait--Today!

September 10, 2011. The sun's iridescent glow warmed Mikey in his cold bed. His digital alarm clock rang: 7 AM. He squinted as the gold brightness got through his eyelids. He sat up and wiped his eyes. His first thoughts of the day: "Another day to hunt down unicorns!! In my 30 years of living, I honestly haven't encountered a real-live one! No, wait... something's wrong... 30—I've been living for 30 years? No, wait... Oh, damn!!!" he looked at the date indicated at the lower right corner of his digital clock. "I'm already 31!!!" he paused in thought, awhile. "I better see an actual unicorn this year! I don't want to be too old when I finally find and befriend one. I wonder where I'd get to find—" his thoughts were then interrupted.

The door of his room suddenly opened. "Happy Birthday, Mikey!!!!!!!!!!!!!" It was his wife, Alicia, holding a mug of coffee. It wasn't just any mug: "TACITO!!!!!!!" Mikey yelled in glee as he pointed at his best friend, and he was happy. He still had his brother's gift to him after all these years.

"What's your birthday wish, my love?" Alicia asked, as she sat beside him.

Mikey was so happy, that he admitted his child-like thoughts he had when he woke earlier. "To see an actual..." Alicia waited, excitedly. "...real-live..." Alicia waited hopefully. "unicorn!!!" Mikey concluded, and expected his wife to be just as humored as he was.

Alicia's face fell. "You d-don't want any k-kids?! Oh, when will you grow up, Mikey?! Can't we just have kids of OUR own?? Your brother already has a child."

"Well, that's reasonable. He's older than me."
"But WE met before HE met with Lyn-z!!!"
Mikey sighed. "I guess I'm just not... ready..."

"Not ready... NOT READY?!?! You're giving endless excuses! Come on, tell me the truth... WHY CAN'T WE HAVE CHILDREN?!?!? Huh? Tell me!!!"

"Okay, okay... I guess... I don't know how to do it?"
"You don't have to know how!!! JUST DO IT!!! With me....... We'll do this together. This child will be our future."

"Hmmm... I contacted the storks to bring one to us! No, wait... Actually, I'll feel really awkward doing it on my birth--" he was startled at Alicia, who was now by the door.

"Excuses, excuses!!! You'd better make a decision, or I'll really screw you!!! LITERALLY." And then she slammed the door.

"'screw you'" echoed in Mikey's head. "Not really sure what it totally means. Big brother says it means to do something bad to someone you hate. Frank says it's fvcking someone. Ray says... wait, he remained silent when I asked..." he sighed. "Oh well... there are just some things in this world some people will never get."

Mikey regretted arguing with his dear wife and he lay back down. He was a bit depressed about it so he didn't notice until he felt something warm and wet dripping from his sleeve. "Shit!" the coffee spilled on his wife's side of the bed. "Oh dear... better clean this up!" He gathered everything, securing TACITO in a safe place first. He took of the sheets, and to his dismay, the bed also had a stain. He then thought his wife wouldn't notice as long as there were covers on. But to prevent any more leaks, he dampened that part of the bed, and looked for a stain remover. He couldn't find one, not even bleach, so he used Alicia's hydrogen peroxide (girls, you should know what this is), when the door suddenly opened.

"Mikey, I just wanted to say sor-- Mikey!!" Alicia immediately changed her mind. "When will you ever learn... You wasted the coffee I made for you! At least your mug is still ALIVE. Oh, wait... it NEVER WAS!!! Please GROW UP!!!" from slightly guilty, to upset, to disappointed, and then REALLY upset, Alicia slammed the door again and left the room.

"Oh, great." Mikey thought. "I blew my chance of making up with her. Dear God, why?! Can my 31st year get any worse? I JUST WISH ALL MY DREAMS CAME TRUE!!!!!!"

Suddenly there was a sonic boom, and a glaring blast of light. Mikey first thought it was just the sunlight coming from outside the window, until he noticed it came from all sides. He shut his eyes tight. He certainly didn't want to have sight problems again.

And then the heat lessened. He assumed the blinding light was gone. He slowly opened his eyes. When he saw nothing but white, he blinked again. Was he dreaming? He was in a vast, plain, white landscape...

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