Friends on Quibblo repost :)

Chapter 1

And the awards go too...

My best friend on Quibblo thats a girl is:

Why: she's an amazing friend and just awesome to talk too :) She loves PJO, and Harry Potter and she is all round AWESOME!! So please add her if you haven't :)

My best friend on Quibblo thats a guy is:

Why? He was probably one of the first people who ever commented on my quizzes not to mention an awesome friend!! He hasn't been on for long which is really sad but please add him anyway!!

The funniest person on Quibblo i know is:

Why? I don't know! She's probably the longest person I've known on here and she really is funny so add her if you haven't please!! :)

The best writer i know on Quibblo is:

Why? Have you read her stories? If you haven't, CHECK 'EM OUT!! They are so good!! Hey IceCreamAndSprinkles can you do a favour for everyone and finish your Life at Hogwarts story?? Its really good!! (If you don't want to i understand, man you must be bust with what, over 500 friends?) Please add her if you already haven't!!

The best quiz-maker on Quibblo i know is:
I don't know..lots of people don't make quizzes on Quibblo, just storires and stuff but the people who do, theres are aweome!! If I had to pick one, I'd probably choose QUIBBLO!!! (lol)

Why? Whyda think?? lol, cause he's made more quizzes then he's taken, hHe is completely and utterly random in making quizzes and even though I don't know anything about him, I can say that his quizzes are pretty cool :) That reminds me! Is should go take one!! Well i'd tell you too add but since he was all of our first friends theirs no point unless you've deleted him for reasons unknown then GO ADD HIM AGAIN!! Cause thats mean too all the people who have :( You don't delete people :(

People on Quibblo i know in real life:
Best till last, :) SandyDG

Why? Theres kinda no reason cause shes my frend in real life and shes awesome, friendly, kind, funny, and ADDICTED TO HARRY POTTER!! Best of all shes CRAZY!!! so go add her quickly please!!!

To everyone else who isn't on this list, you do win awards and this is he major award all of my friend win:

Artemis101 has present all of you with the award of: CRAZINESS!!! If your crazy enough to add me or accept my friend requests then go ahead and accept this award cause it was made 'specially for you!! Wear it with pride and don't forgot to say, 'I'm Crazy!' when people ask who th heck you are :)

Until next Time, Artemis101 is signing out :)


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