R.I.P. Madison Elizabeth Young (Please Read)

R.I.P. Madison Elizabeth Young (Please Read)

Hello. My friend, Madison, died yesterday September,11 2011. Please give your respects and RE POST.

Chapter 1

I love you and miss you, Madison.

by: Megaronii
Madison was 15 year olds when died. She and her friend. Katie Kennedy who is currently in a medical coma with 7 broken ribs, a bruised lung, and broken collarbone, They were driving a 4-wheeler. And lost control and crashed into a tree. Madison, was thrown from the 4-wheeler and contained serious injury. She was rushed to the hospital and was later pronounced dead. Katie, does not know Madison is dead, she still believes she is just in another room.
Madison, was the sweetest girl ever. She had the biggest heart and smile. She was also an amazing soccer player and great friend. I guess god just needed another Angel. Madison was perfect for the job.

Below please say something for both girls.

R.I.P. Madison Elizabeth Young. I love and miss you girl. Your family is in my prayers.

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