Ideas for all to use :D

really good ideas, I might add XD

though i hope you mention that i gave you the idea, if i did ;)

Chapter 1

Introduction! Might seem boring, but read it anyway! It's short!

Ok, first of all, If you're going ot use one of my ideas, I want you to friend me/send out invites so I can read it :)

I'm always curious about the things my writing ideas bring to mind ;D

Anyway, I want to get one thing straight, here, too:

quibblo, paper, or whereever, idk :)

but If you want to talk to your publishing agent guy about getting a book based on my writing prompts published in real bookstores, I have one rule:

MENTION me, as Emily Williams, the writer of 'This is Not a Book"

so that if I ever use these Ideas myself, people will know I'm not just copying some famous book XD

unlikely, but I like to dream big :)


with that said...

enjoy, use, and do whatever with these writing prompts ;) !!!

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