That might explain all the heart break...Jack Howard fanfic ♥♥

That might explain all the heart break...Jack Howard fanfic ♥♥

If you don't know who Jack Howard is, GTFO.

Don't worry for all the dean fans, i'm doing one on him, too. :)

Character Profile:
Name- Karmen Leah Truste
Age- 22
Hair colour- Light brown
Eye colour- Blue
Other info- She's british, she's a journalist

The chapter names are quotes from their videos, and yes, the title name is in refernce to 'New Car.'

Chapter 1

"That might explain all of the fvkcing bananas!!"

The strangest of us are always the first to find trouble.

Trouble seemed to stalk me at every corner in the form of my parents, trauma, and whatever else the universe felt like throwing at me. It stalked me like a fat kid stalking a hot dog stand- there at every advantage, prepared.

The latest of my troubles had probably been the insomnia, though I couldn't lie and say that that wasn't induced by all of the coffee I consumed while travelling. That had been the most recent to crash down on me- until tonight.

Ten thirty at night, I was sitting on my bed, going through my old emails with Tom and Charlie, furiously wiping my eyes every three seconds so that I wouldn't cry again. It had been months since I'd seen either of them, and I missed them so, so much.

My phone buzzed from the bedside table to the tune of Jamie All Over, and I picked it up. "Hello?" I said, keeping my voice monotone.
"Karmen!" Tom's voice rang out through the phone, and I held it away from my ear for a second. "God you're loud. Sup?"

"I have super duper exciting news, but first you have to tell me how much you love me."
I rolled my eyes. "Fine. I love you Tom. Now, whats this news?"
"You know your boss Mikaelah?"
"/No, who's she/?" I said sarcastically.
"She said that if you come back now you can get bumped up to head of the cultural section, instead of just travel! Isn't that great?!!"

I shot up from the bed. "Oh my god- Tom! How great is this? I can move back in with you guys and- oh, I mean, if you'll have me..."
"Don't be stupid," He said, snorting. "Of course you can move back in. It's lonely without you. So you'll come back sometime this week?"
"I can come back tomorrow night!"

"Awesome," He laughed. "I'll see you then."

"Wait," A thought suddenly occured. "How'd this even happen?"

He sounded almost narcassistic due to his disgust with not having been the hero, but I luckily knew Tom better.
"Oh, well, I think Charlie went down there. I'll see you tomorrow!"

"Yeah," I said, smiling. "See you Tom!"
I hung up and packed my things back in to my suitcase, made a call to my airport service, and went to bed happier than ever.


I got back to the airport (flying in from paris) at 5 o'clock, and Tom picked me up and took me back to his place.
"Karmen do you ever watch my videos?" He asked, and I raised my eyebrows.
"Sure. Umm...I guess. Okay, not really. I've seen a few. Why?"
He frowned. "Uhh...cause there's two guys I really need to introduce yout to, and they've been in them. So you won't know them, okay."
We pulled up at the house.
"They're waiting inside- they're way cool, I promise."

We went inside, and I walked straight towards the kitchen, where I could hear two voices.
In the kitchen stood two guys.
The first was kind of short (my height) with dark brown hair. He was laughing and swirling a red wine glass.
The other was taller, with blonde hair and a giant smile. He had an earring, and was grinning at some apparent joke.

They stopped when they saw me. "Oh, hey," Said the short one. "You must be Karmen. I'm Dean." I shook his hand.
"This is Jack." He said, and Jack looked a tiny bit shy.
I shook his hand, and felt my smile increase at how warm his hand was.
"I'm Karmen if you haven't guessed," I said, rolling my eyes. "It's nice to meet you guys."

"Cool. We'll be looking forward to getting to know you." Dean said, rolling his eyes and elbowing the speechless Jack as he walked out to help Tom unload the car.

"Drinking?" I asked, laughing, and gesturing to the wine.
Jack waved a hand held camera. "Filming."
On the counter next to him were two fake moustaches and a top hat. I wondered what the heck they could have been filming, and then realised that they were Tom's friends, and, inevitably, nuts.

"I think the moustaches are a nice touch." I mumbled, and he grinned.
"So are you moving back in?"
I nodded. "Yep. Back here for good- looks like no one's getting rid of me."
Jack rolled his eyes. "Such a problem, I'll bet."

I folded my arms and leaned back against the counter. "So you're a youtuber? Like Tom?"
Jack nodded. "Yeah. Dean and I are pretty famous when it comes to thirteen year old girls."
I laughed. "Well the only people who ready my articles seem to be middle aged couples looking for a cheap holiday."
"I read your article." He mumbled, and I raised my eyebrows, but didn't question him.

We started talking about things like Paris and travelling after that, and I couldn't help but note how easy he was to talk to.
His accent was cute, he was hilarious, and he was friendly.

"You'd better stay indoors if you're gonna dress like that." He joked, and I looked down at my v-neck and denim shorts.
"You'll be keeping men away with a bat," He said, rolling his eyes, and I frowned.
"Why would you say that?" I asked, confused.

He frowned, looking just as confused as I did.
"Because you're really pretty?" He said, just before Tom and Dean came back in to the room.

"We should probably get going." Dean said to Jack, shifting uncomfortably on his feet.
I straightened up from where I had been leaning on the counter, and Tom and I walked them out.

Jack turned around before leaving down the driveway. "I'll see you again, soon?" He asked, and I gave a small, teasing, mysterious smile.
"We'll see." I told him dreamily, and shut the door, grinning wildly to myself at how good a friend I thought Jack Howard was going to turn out to be.

A/N: This chapter is dedicated to Amanda, a true hard-core Jack Howard fan, and my best friend. :) Ily amanda hope you like the fanfic so far! Go add her on quibblo: ThatRandomGirl

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