The Doctor Sees Double (A Doctor Who story)

The Doctor Sees Double (A Doctor Who story)

Want to see the universe?
Well, hello! Ivory (MyUsernameWasTaken) and I are writing this because...we both LOVE Doctor Who!
We're twins named Lucille (me) and Autumn (Ivory) Rosenthal.

So, come along, Ponds.

Chapter 1

Double Trouble

The Doctor's Point of View

That was the last time I would see Amy and Rory Pond.
Two more goodbyes I have had in my life.
I am a Time Lord. I have been the only and last Time Lord for centuries.
Back onto my T.A.R.D.I.S., my telephone booth ship, I set the place for Olathe, Japan. Surely, there must be a monster wreaking havoc here. Maybe that will get my mind off of them for a bit.
"All right, Sexy," I told the controls. "Let's go."
I flipped the switches and adjusted my bow tie. As I was hurdling through time and space, I searched for my fez. Why did River have to go and destroy the first one? I felt a pang in my hearts as I thought of River Song.
No time to think about that! Time for Japan!
I pulled my door open and looked around.
Definitely not Japan.
Where was I?
I pulled out my Sonic Screwdriver and looked around, in case I needed to decipher something. Oh, a sign!
The annual Johnson County Old Settler's Fair!
Indeed, a fair. There were rides and crafts and food and games. Food... I could go for something to eat.
Turkey legs? Turkey legs are cool.
Oh! A line for cheesecake on a stick. Great!
I got in line behind a girl and noticed her texting away.
"Hello!" I told her.
She was wearing a pink dress and a blue and white cardigan over it, with a pair of Converse. Amy used to wear Converse.
"Hi! Nice...bow tie." She seemed surprised, her eyebrows were expressive as she checked out my outfit.
"Bow ties are cool. Excellent. I'm the Doctor."
"Have a name?" Her friend, decked in a letterman sweater, cuffed jeans, and red oxfords asked me.
"Doctor. Just the Doctor. What's your name?"
"Autumn. Autumn Rosenthal."
I winced. Rose...
"I'm Lucille." The first girl told me.
"Fantastic! Those are both great names! Beautiful, beautiful names!"
Autumn looked at Lucille. And as I looked at both of them, I realized they were sisters.
Twins, really. Identical twins. No diffrences in their physical appearance what-so-ever! Peculiar.
As I was about to open my mouth to say something, I heard screams.
"Follow me!" I yelled to the twins and started running.
As I approached the screams, I realized it was at a stage.
"And now, the original Olathe, Kansas high school band... Olathe North Screamin' Eagles Marching Band!"
A band? That's where the screaming was coming from?
The girls caught up, panting.
"What did we need to run for?!" Autumn asked.
"Attie, be nice." Lucille told her. "It's just a band, Mr. Doctor."
"Just Doctor. And I..see that." I looked around.
Olathe, Kansas? Well, Sexy messed that up. We're in the wrong hemisphere!
I looked at the exact copies of faces and watched Lucille pull her long wavy auburn-brown hair into a ponytail.
"Would you girls believe me if I told you I can travel in time?" I asked on a limb.
"No! Time travel only exsists in Back to the Future!" Attie assured me.
"I can prove it."
Lucille looked at her sister, a faint expression of doubt painted on her face. "How?"
"Lucy you don't honestly belie--"
"Who knows? Marty didn't believe Doc Brown at first, did he?"
I smirked. Doc Brown and McFly? These girls didn't know anything...
"I can find you something from the past. Name something you lost. Anything at all!" I smiled, ready for a challenge.
Autumn looked at her twin, then me. "All right, a bracelet. It was a charm bracelet with an Effiel tower, a Big Ben, a Taj Mahal, and a Statue of Liberty. Those were the places we want to visit before we get married. I lost it when I was ten."
"How old are you two now?" I asked, thinking about it.
"Nineteen. I lost it during Old Settler's."
I smiled. Easy! As long as Sexy brought me back to the right time...
"Be right back! " I told them and sprinted towards the T.A.R.D.I.S.
Punching in the date and throwing the levers made me feel great to be in action again.
As soon as we stopped again, the familiar 'vvvwhoooom' ceased, I stepped out, looking for a ten year old Attie and Lucy.
It took awhile, but I saw them. Attie still had it. I started walking a bit behind them until it fell off her wrist. Waiting a minute or two, I went to pick it up, then strolled on back to the TARDIS.
Back in their present day, I searched for the identical girls. They were almost clones. Ah! There they are!
"Autumn! Lucille!" I called. They turned and saw me. Attie rolled her eyes.
"Did you find it?" Lucy asked.
I dangled it in front of them. "I did."
Attie snatched it from my grasp. "It's probably fake. I'll just... No. How did...?"
"It's even got the scratch under Big Ben..." Lucy pointed out.
"So, girls, want to see all universe at all times? Name any place and time, I can take you there. Well, unless it's Spanish Florida in 1623 because I've been banned from there. Ran into a bit of trouble with the governor..."
The girls' big, brown eyes fixed onto me.
"Let's go." Lucy and Attie said at once.

~~~~ Hey, guys! :D It's Geena here, and I know it may be weird, but I thought it turned out well:) Ivory's gonna be writing the next chapter, so we'll see how that happens!
Until next time...
Lemoncake Geena ~~~~

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