Life As A Weapon (Death The Kid love story)

Life As A Weapon (Death The Kid love story)

Yes, I watched Soul Eater episodes 1-10 last night and got hooked :P

Name: Trinity Van Beuren
Hair: long, straight, white-blonde
Eyes: Grey
Body: Slim but curvy

Name: Selena Van Beuren (Trinity's twin, kind of like Patty and Liz)
Hair: Short, white-blonde, Alice's look in Twilight, but blonde
Eyes: Grey
Body: Slim but curvy (not as curvy as Trinity)
You know what Death The Kid is like :P

Chapter 1

How Kid and the Twins Meet

by: gallavich
"Trinity, we're going to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeee," Selena wailed after being kicked out of our parents house.
"That's what you said last time." I said, shrugging it off like I did last time. See, when me and Sel did something "bad" or "unhealthy" we got kicked out for about 10 hours until my parents cool off. They then bring us back in and don't stop apologizing until we do something else "bad" or "unhealthy." What they don't know is that we don't want to come back. I sighed at the memory of what we did.
"Selena and Trinity Van Beuren get down here this instant!" Mother yelled.
"Yes, mother?" We said politely coming down the stairs.
"Where is the vase that belonged to your great-great-grandmother?" She said fataly calmly.
"I'm not sure." I said. It wasn't a lie. The garbage truck could have been anywhere.
"G---J---kier---gerp" I could tell Sel was about to crack. I sighed and she shut her mouth.
"It's in the garbage truck about 6 or 7 miles away." I said. Mother's expression turned from rage to depression back to rage and ended at hatred.
"Get out. Both of you." She growled. I nodded while Sel's eyes turned to oceans as she begged for a second chance. We quickly packed our bags and ushered out of the door.
End of memory
"Sel, it'll be alright. This is our usual routine." I said, not so sure.
"Trin, what we did was terrible. She's not letting us back in now." Sel reasoned. I sighed, and we decided to just start walking. We turned away from our small cozy home---well, my mother and father's small cozy home---and walked. It seemed as if hours had passed only after half an hour. Probably because it was so dark and I couldn't see.
"Trin, you still there?" Sel whispered, grabbing for my arm.
"Yeah, I'm here." said, grabbing her arm before she fell over.
"Are you two alright? You look a little lost." A male voice said behind us. We spun on our heels and faced him. I gasped. He was so... Hot!! Suddenly he gasped.
"Such perfect symmetry." He muttered.
"Er... Excuse me?" I asked. He looked up and smiled.
"I said you two have perfect symmetry. You two look very much alike that if you fold it together then there will not be anything overlapping." He said. Sel cocked her head.
"Sel, he said we look alike." I said to her.
"Well, no duh. We're twins." She giggled. Suddenly I heard a scream and some grunts. I shot my head up and turned towards the noise. There was a huge shadow, and I ran towards it only to find a girl in pigtails fighting some huge-ass monster. With a scythe. She was using a scythe. I looked up and saw she had cut the monster in two. Suddenly my friend Soul appeared out of nowhere, and the girls scythe was gone. He took a red ball of random light nd picked it up. And stuck it in his mouth. And chewed. And swallowed. He ate it.
"Soul?" I asked with a shaky voice.
"Trinity! Uh... Hi." He said. He rubbed the back of his neck and smiled weakly.
"How much of that did you see?" He asked.
"All of it. What happened there?!" I exclaimed.
"Well, you see..." He started, then explained about this whole... place where people can turn into weapons and their partners would use them and make them... death scythes?! I stared at him as if he were crazy.
"It's true.. watch." He said, then turned into the same scythe as earlier.
"Oh my..." I started.
"God." Sel finished. Soul changed back.
"You guys are, too." He said. I looked at him.
"I think we would have noticed." I said.
"Yeah! I mean, we don't like shoot bullets or whatever out of our mouths!" Sel said. Soul looked at me.
"Just try to turn into something. Concentrate." He said. I sighed, and me and Sel did what he told us to. Suddenly I was flying in the air. I landed in.. a hand?! It wasn't Soul's hand though. I looked at Sel and in her place was... a gun!!
"Woah." I gasped. I looked and realized I was in the hand of the guy I met earlier. He had a confused look on his face. Then that look was placed with admiration.
"They are so much alike! Absolutely perfect!" He cooed. I was kind of confused.
"Now try to change back." Soul said. I did and so did Sel.
"That was so COOL! Did you see me?! I was all like WHOOSH and then I was a gun!!" Sel exclaimed, jumping up and down. I just stood there looking down. What just happened? How did Soul know that I could turn into a weapon? I thought. I mean, I knew I was different but not this different!
"Trinity, now that you know, you need to come to Death Weapon Meister Academy." Soul said, interupting my train of thought.
"Death Weapon Meister Academy?" Me and Selena said at the same time.
"Yep." He said.
That's how I figured out that I was a weapon.

A/N Sorry for the shortness bt I just wanted to give you a taste of the story before I gave you the whole thing. So, pretty much it's me and my BFF in the place of Patti and Liz, but as Trinity and Selena Van Beuren. I'm kind of like Patti and Liz combined, so I just chose Liz but less serious. So, yeah, hope you enjoyed it! Chap 2 coming soon!

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