My Life at Cross Academy (A Vampire Knight Fanfic)

Zoey Matsuyo is a half Japanese, half American student that starts attending Cross Academy. She is very curious and a daredevil. Whenever there is a situation or a problem, she always comes up with schemes and drags her friend, Quinn, along to all her plans. But her curiosity drags her into something that will change her life forever.

Chapter 1

The Escape

by: omgbye
I started running down the long endless hallway as fast as I could. There was no sound of a single footstep behind me but I kept running as if my life depends on it, cuz it did. The beast was not far behind me for sure. I took my shoes off, fearing that it would make too much noise if I ran with it on. I didn't take in a single breath of air. The beast could hear even the smallest pin drop and I wasn't going to risk my life by breathing too loudly. The darkness of the room caused me my sight and I couldn’t even see where I was going. Suddenly the floor got lower and lower. I rolled down the stairs until I grabbed the railing and got up. I kept running down the spiral staircase. Every step I took, my bare feet hit the ice cold floor under me.

Finally the stairs had come to an end I was on the first floor of the cursed building. It was completely dark with no sign of light anywhere. I kept on running without my sight until I hit what felt like a glass coffee table, breaking the glass and bruising my left leg. I tripped as I tried to keep on going and landed right on the broken glass. I could feel a large piece of broken glass pierce through my skin. I couldn't see my arms due to the extreme darkness so I let the piece of glass remain in my bleeding arm. I had to keep going. But the first step I took made another piece of glass cut right through my right foot. I wanted to yell out loud with the little strength I had left to let out all my pain, but that would cost me my life.

I kept on walking, with the pieces of glass still in my body, and used my good arm to navigate through the dark. I could feel the wall and a large handle coming out of it. I pushed down the handle and opened the large door, letting the little light of the moon enter the room and exited the cursed building. After I got out, I closed the door until there was only just a crack open. I looked back in the room and saw blood red glowing eyes not far ahead. Last thing I heard before I completely shut the door was a ferocious hiss.

I started running as far away from the building to wherever my little strength would take me. Finally, I was able to see the Sun Dorm not far ahead of me. But before I could take any more steps forward, I collapsed and landed next to a tall tree. I was in pain, but I was finally free. I was finally able to breathe. I sat up on the tree and looked at my bloody arm and saw the moonlight flashing in the piece of broken glass that was sticking out of my skin. Without hesitation, I pulled out the glass from my arm and yelled. I started breathing heavily. I picked up my foot with my good hand and pulled out the pieces of broken glass from the sole of my foot using my bloody arm.

The blood wouldn't stop pouring out and the scent was too strong, even for a human like me. I couldn't find anything near me that would help stop the bleeding. I was so close to losing all hope. But I couldn't die like this. I had to live. At least until I could warn the others. I was the only one who could. If I died now, everyone else would also go down as well. I needed to live. I had to.

I got up and looked for some source of water. I found a small pond nearby and washed off my bloody hands. I could see the reflection of the bright full moon, in the pond; it slowly turned red as I put my bleeding arm in it. Then I saw my own reflection. There were several severe-looking scratches on my cheeks and neck that I got from the beast. I had almost forgotten about them while I was running. I washed my face and cursed loudly because of how much it stung. After I washed up my arm and foot, new clean blood started pouring out from the cuts. I couldn't just go back to the dorm like this. The bloody trail would only be an invitation to the beast of my location.

I had to think fast and stop the bleeding. I found some plants close by that I had learned would stop the bleeding. I gathered up as much of the plant and I could and tied it into two knots, one for my foot and one for my arm. I looked around for something I could use to tie the plant to my cuts. I couldn't find anything that would be useful. I took off my sweater and ripped both sleeved off my white shirt. I put one knot of the plant on my cut and used one sleeve to tie it around my arm. I did the same with the cut under my foot.

Then I just sat there under the tree. My eyes were feeling heavy and slowly closing. I was exhausted. But before I could completely fall asleep, two heads appeared in front of me. Fearing that they were the beasts in human forms, I struggled to try to escape. I ended up only getting up on one knee and tightly held the tree behind me. Then my vision went blurry and I fell to the ground.
"Hurry! Get her to the infirmary! She's severally hurt!" I heard a girl's voice say.

Then I felt strong arms around me pick me up and drag me away.

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