Arkham Asylum Fun Hour

Arkham Asylum Fun Hour

lol ^-^

Chapter 1

Arkham Carnival

Welcome to a very criminally insane carnival
A mentally unfit place
Meet the psychopath ringleader
As he welcome you into his mad world and family
Don't be alarm if you see Gotham people in the act.
Everything is for one good joke so bust a gut
Watch Bane break the bell testing his powerful strength
The man to break the bat's back
Applaud or feel the wrath of his venom
Enter the house of mirrors
Don't fear if you get lost
Listen to the voice
And follow the question marks painted green on the mirrors
But don't be surprised to fall victim to his wicked maze of puzzles
Drum roll please, presenting.....
The Ventriloquist with identity disorder
Don't fear a creepy doll just yet
This is a dummy with pinstripe suit, cigar, and tommy gun
Next presenting....
The two faced man of Gotham
In his hands your
Duality and fate are in his control
For our final act I hope you liked play doh when little
Because now presenting....
A monstrous clay and mud being
But beware of this shapeshifter
One look at him and you might be the one to melt
Becareful striking the target at the dunk tank
In the water a man is gone and rise up as a reptilian freak
Ready to devour you,especially a certain bat
Darts turn into daggers on a carnival wheel
Poor Robin suffers through it, tied and bound
A deep chill on his shoulder as a ice cold man holds up a gun
Bat girl is stuck in a house of scares
With someone who defines fear, just ask his terrified patients
He needs no brain from wizard of oz, he will trap you in a gas of your phobias
Sweet toxins and pheromones are filling the air
A beauty, green as a plant and lovely as a rose stands alluring you over to a booth.
Better fight it, Batman just got sucked in and with a kiss lost his breath for good.
In the tent next door to the booth, there sitting is the clown with a smile of a flirt
A blonde fortune teller shuffles cards and sets them, he pick one and reveal it
The girl looks at the card of "lovers", he grins and choose another card
The card is a jester, with a look at each other, the girl leaves as he laughs
Time has come for closing time
In a dressing room, the blonde beauty stares in the mirror and smooths black make up around her eyes slowly then smiles in love as a rose with "J" on it appears.
With a last drum roll, a Arkham wheel is shown spinning with the words...
Where and which one will it stop on?
Gotham awaits it's fate and future...
It stops on a question mark and the ringleader closes the curtains in loud laughter.
Come back next year!


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