Loved him,Silly me

Loved him,Silly me

-w- for me girls who endure this at times

Chapter 1


It can be so hard
So tough to deal with
Loving him so much yet his heart is with another
Wonder if cupid forgot to shoot him as well
I'm so in love
But so broken at the same time
It was love at first sight
Butterflies in the stomach
Heart playing drums
My breath taken away with no words
But maybe that is more for her
He loves her so much
Even flaunts it, crushing me more
To think I thought that smile and laugh belong to me
Made my heart so work up over him only to be stomped to the ground
There he is, holding and kissing her,I must be a ghost as I stand in shock watching.
Feel like dying but my heart is dead, so close enough
I bet he will talk to me less and her lots more
I was his cherry on his ice cream cone
Guess he wants strawberries now in a cup
The saddest thing is that he didn't even give me a chance
Maybe I was first to love him and she had just realized her feelings for him
Now he is all mushy with her then comes to me
Saying sweet things and be friendly even with compliments
Would he even try to hold and comfort me if I cried right there?
Everywhere I go, I see them together
Then even online as I'm waiting to chat with him, here she comes and there he goes.
No replies, no messages, nothing but a sad girl on the other side
I feel like I was ready to give my heart to him
I suppose I was a fool and throws my heart in the trash
Sad songs on the radio
Drama films on tv
Me on the bed under the covers
I thought I was his cutie
She must be the beauty
Tears here,there, everywhere
I will try to get over you but love is one battle that can be so hard to beat
And lonely times will come and I'll have you in my mind
But if you ever tell me you will marry her
I may have to shoot you.


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